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Quiz: Are you a gold digger?

For some people, dating isn’t about finding that one special person who completes you, but rather it’s about status. So are you a social climber or just a woman who knows what she wants? Find out by taking our quiz below.

Are you a gold digger?

1. On a first date, you would expect a man to pay for you:

A. Never – you’re an independent woman!

B. Sometimes, especially if he asked you out.

C. Always.

2. You currently live in:

A. The town you grew up in.

B. The suburbs, but you commute to the city for work.

C. A large, urban city like Chicago or New York. You would never live in the hicks!

3. In your high school yearbook, you were voted:

A. ‘Nicest All-Around Student.’

B. ‘Most Popular.’

C. ‘Most Likely to Succeed.”

4. Initially, you find that you are attracted to men based on:

A. How they behave.

B. How they look.

C. How they dress.

5. Regardless of what you do now, your dream job would be:

A. Teacher.

B. CEO of your own company.

C. Whatever makes you the most money.

6. Career-wise, you would be happy:

A. Balancing work and family.

B. Giving up your career once you’re married.

C. Keeping your job, only if you could afford to have a nanny and housekeeper.

7. Before getting engaged, you let your boyfriend know that a proper engagement ring should cost:

A. Whatever he can afford.

B. At least 3 months of his salary.

C. More than the rings of every other married woman you know.

8. No matter what his other attributes are, you would never date a man who was:

A. Unkind.

B. Uneducated.

C. Unemployed.

How did you score?

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