Why having guy friends is important

No one will ever understand you like your girlfriends. But for those times that you just want to nerd-out or enjoy a bacon-cheeseburger guilt-free, there’s nothing like having a few platonic guy pals around. Below are 5 reasons why having guy friends rocks.

Woman with a guy friend

Why you need guy friends

Having guy friends is important


Hello, Mr. Fix-it

While a girlfriend might know the dish on the latest celebrity break-up and let you borrow her Chanel slingback shoes for a date, having a guy friend means never having to hook-up your stereo system, kill any creepy-crawly bugs who happen to invade your apartment, or haul your couch up three flights of stairs. Guy pals are also essential when putting together furniture from IKEA. (Those Swedes sure do love multi-step assembly!)

Having guy friends is importantThe male P.O.V. is priceless

Men do not mince words the way that women do. For example, let’s say that you are trying to wiggle into a Herve Leger-knockoff and you ask the woman in the dressing room next to you how you look. Now, no matter how she answers, it would be impossible to know if you actually look good in it or if she’s just saying so to spare your feelings. However, if you somehow were able to convince a guy friend to come shopping with you, he would be much more likely to speak candidly and let you know if those bandages aren’t sucking you in enough! Guy friends are also excellent analyzers of other men’s behavior. (See the movie or read the book He’s Just Not That Into You, written by Greg Behrendt, a man.) And that’s why we love a guy’s point of view.

Having guy friends is importantNever be dateless again

The Guy Friend is the perfect back-up date for company parties, charity galas, and Rosh Hashanah dinners at your aunt’s house in the suburbs. Just don’t be upset if there are other women around and he takes a few numbers; he may look good in that suit, but try to remember that you’re not actually dating!

Having guy friends is importantNo backstabbing or cattiness

Frenemies. Can’t live with them; can’t seem to avoid having them. However, while it may be impossible to ditch that girl who pretends to be your BFF while secretly plotting to sabotage and overthrow you at every turn, you will never have to worry about a guy friend trying to steal your job, boyfriend, or secrets to super-shiny hair. If a man is your friend, it’s because he genuinely appreciates you and/or loves you as a person. (Or else, he wants to sleep with you, but that is a topic for another time!) 

Having guy friends is importantWho knows? It might just turn into something

Did you ever see When Harry Met Sally…? Exactly. Sometimes a solid friendship is the perfect foundation for love. So, go ahead, befriend that Zac Efron-lookalike. You never know what might happen!

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