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She said yes! #SayYesD

Fred proposed to Dalila online, soliciting the encouragement from people worldwide on Twitter and Facebook. Did he ever propose in person? Was there a ring? What happened next?! Read on for more details about Fred’s unique proposal to Dalila!

Yesterday, word of Fred Ehrhart’s proposal to his girlfriend Dalila captured the attention and affection of Twitterers
around the world

And now we’re all wondering… what happened next!?

The proposal

SheKnows: There’s a rumor going around that Dalila said yes, but we’d love to know straight from you! So… did she?

Fred Ehrhart: She did, in fact, say yes! We have some video of it from someone’s iPhone. And we shot some video before hand about the whole thing. I had some more video shot
during the whole thing but it’s not off the camera yet.

The ring

Fred Ehrhart: Here’s a photo of the ring! And here is a detail of the setting, from the Richard Landi
collection. I bought it at this great little store, The Clay Pot, in Brooklyn.

The reaction

SheKnows: What did Dalila think of all this? How did she react to your unconventional proposal?

Fred Ehrhart: Basically while the article was live and spreading she was in a meeting with her clients so she didn’t see it until after almost all her coworkers did. When I
walked into her office she was yelling and from across the office “WHAT DO I CLICK TO SAY YES?!” When she saw me she got very excited as you can see in the video.

A memory to treasure

SheKnows: Would you say everything went as planned?

Fred Ehrhart: I could not be more happy with how this turned out. It was a pretty big task to get organized but Dalila is more than worth it. The timing of the whole proposal went
off without a hitch and it is something that we will be talking about to our friends and family for many years to come. We would like to thank everyone at SheKnows who helped build and organize
this event, Deep Focus and Video Egg for taking care of all the press and technology, as well as all the Twitter and Facebook users who posted like crazy to help make this a success.

Congratulations Fred and Dalila!

Watch the video of Dalila accepting Fred’s marriage proposal. ?

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