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Let’s face it: Working out is hard — physically and mentally. Getting involved in a group fitness activity, particularly one geared just for women or moms, however, is a great way to change up your workout routine — and have a lot more fun getting fit.

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Making time and maintaining your fitness routine without getting demotivated or bored is a difficult task to do all on your own. Working out at home and even hitting the gym can leave you feeling isolated and unenthused to exercise, yet working out with your kids doesn’t give you that much needed “me time” break.

Here are a few things you can do to inject a little fun into your workouts!

Join a running club

Why jog alone when you can pass the time with new friends? There are hundreds of running clubs just for women across the country and even more clubs for both men and women. Joining a running club is a great way to challenge yourself, even if you’ve never jogged before!

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Running, jogging or power walking will up your aerobic fitness while meeting new people will boost your exercise motivation. Check with your local Running Room or Fleet Feet stores for local running clubs, or do a search online for running clubs in your area.

Fitness clubs just for women

Sometimes the gym can be a little intimidating (there are so many machines, and so many people who know exactly what they are doing, with bodies to prove it). If you’re looking to hit up a gym with a little less testosterone, you won’t have to search far. In addition to the many fitness clubs that have a women’s only area, a number of clubs are exclusively for women.

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And while going to a gym can be monotonous and solitary, participating in the various group fitness classes your gym offers is a great way to meet fellow gym members and build friendships as you get fit. Visit or to find women’s-only clubs near you.

Yoga retreats

If you’re looking for a get away from the hectic day to day hustle of family and/or work life, opt for a yoga retreat for women only. You’ll get in touch with your inner spirit, relax and meet other moms looking for a mind-body reprieve. Plenty of retreats are offered throughout the country, but if you’re feeling more adventurous, find one in an exotic location. Visit or for retreats across the country and around the world.

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Spin classes

Spinning is an amazing way to work your core and lower body (and who doesn’t need — or want — to work on those areas?). Spinning is an effective and challenging modality of non-impact exercise that will can push your physical limits and help you reach new fitness goals.

Rally your mom friends to take classes with you (most health clubs have childcare facilities) or go alone and introduce yourself to your female spin cohorts. Many spinning studios and gyms even offer one or two classes solely for women. Ask your local gym for a class schedule.

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