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Walker’s survival guide for the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk

You made the decision to sign-up for the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk! We applaud you! Now, time to concentrate on raising money and get in shape… We have selected these articles to help you in your fundraising efforts and also ensure you are training properly. Enjoy!

Woman at Breast Cancer Walk

3-Day Walk training tip: Stretching

Stretching is the key to helping you maintain flexibility and avoid injury. You will be amazed by how much it helps your walking. To help increase your flexibility you might want to consider adding a yoga or Pilates class into your training program. Find out more here.

3-Day Walk:Training program

Muscular strength and endurance is exercise specific. Walking is not the same as running; your feet hit the ground further back on your heel with your toe higher in the air and then you roll farther off the toes with each stride. Be prepare with this training tip. Find out more here.

3-Day Walk:Warm weather training tips

To help prepare for hot weather conditions that you may experience during the 3-Day, you must train under conditions similar to those of the event itself. Find out more here.

3-Day Walk: 101 Fundraising ideas

The fundraising ideas library at is your best source for real-life fundraising ideas from other Breast Cancer 3-Day participants. Here are some additional ideas. Find out 101 different ways to raise money here.

Click here for more breast cancer information on sheKnows:



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