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Stretching tips for the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk

Stretching is the key to helping you maintain flexibility and avoid injury. You will be amazed by how much it helps your walking. To help increase your flexibility you might want to consider adding a yoga or Pilates class into your training program.

Woman Stretching OutdoorsSome guidelines for stretching are:

  • Warm up first (walk for 3 to 5 minutes).
  • Hold each stretch for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Achieve the stretching position gently. Do not bounce.
  • Only stretch within your limits. If you feel any discomfort, stop.
  • Remember to breathe while stretching.
  • The most important stretch is after your exercise.

Here are some stretching tips to follow while on the event:

  • Stretch 5 minutes per hour.
  • Stretch in the morning before you hit the road.
  • Stretch at all the pit stops.
  • Stretch waiting for the port-a-potty.
  • Stretch at a red light.
  • Stretch at a green light.
  • Stretch when you come into camp.
  • Participate in organized streching in camp each evening.

You will find a list of recommended stretches in your 3-Day Handbook

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