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SYTYCD Get Fit exclusive interview

So You Think You Can Dance and get fit? Of course you can and with the So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit home video series, the stars of the reality TV hit bring the dance routines audiences adore home for fitness.

Katee does Jazz on the SYTYCD Get Fit DVD seriesSix of
the SYTYCD dancers got together to create the first two installments of the series: So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit: Tone and Groove and So You Think You Can Dance Get Fit:
Cardio Funk
. Both titles are currently in stores starring SYTYCD favorites Katee, Travis, Courtney, Lauren, Twitch and Dmitry.

And don’t miss our exclusive clip from this DVD after our interview with Katee!

Get fit with SYTYCD

Twitch tackles hip-hop, Katee jams to jazz, Dmitry performs Cha-Cha, Courtney does Disco, Travis’ expertise is Contemporary and Lauren gives the guys a run for their money in Hip-Hop.

Katee Shean, finalist of season four, phoned SheKnows to dish on the new fitness DVDs as well as give us some inside scoop into the magic that is So You Think You Can Dance.

SheKnows: Thanks for taking a few moments with today.

Katee Shean: Oh, my pleasure.

SheKnows: As a longtime appreciator of dance, I wanted to get your reaction to the level of awareness that shows like So You Think You Can Dance have raised in the general
public about the world of dance. As a dancer, what does that mean to you?

Katee Shean: It’s really exciting for all of us because I started this when I was four and you grow up thinking a dancer’s life is always going to be in the background
or dancing behind somebody else. That maybe true, but shows like So You Think You Can Dance has shown dance as the front runner. In the forefront dance is something that should be
appreciated and not just as the background entertainment. I think it’s great because not only is it showing the performances, but also shows that the dancers have to put in a lot of work to
get to that point to be able to do what they do. Not only within their own genre, but new styles such as Bollywood. It’s definitely bridging the gap between contemporary dancers and hip-hop
dancers. It’s bringing us all together on one stage. The average person who doesn’t have dance training can at least appreciate that and be entertained by a routine we’re doing.

The SYTYCD Get Fit: Cardio and Funk DVD is out nowSheKnows: People see you all doing this and the appeal is really contagious. Have you personally heard stories from kids that
they took up dance after watching your show?

Katee Shean: Yeah, I absolutely have. That’s the best part for me when they leave a message on Facebook or MySpace saying they’ve gotten back into dance or that their
husband and them are trying dance with Salsa lessons — because they saw this routine, they were motivated. That kind of stuff is exciting for me because you know you’ve touched somebody. If
you touch one person, that’s awesome. But, if you get millions affected by dance, the show is really moving.

Dance as workout

SheKnows: How did these workout DVDs come about?

Katee Shean: The producers were thinking of different outlets that So You Think You Can Dance could be put in. Everybody always talks about dancers being in shape by doing
their routines. It just kind of clicked that, ‘oh, we should do a workout DVD.’ I know that they wanted to include different styles so that’s why they chose us to make a balance
in the different routines that people are learning. They approached us individually to do the project and everybody said yes (laughs).

SheKnows: (Laughs) For you, they picked you amongst the thousands of dancers that have been featured on So You Think You Can Dance, to be one of those few for this fitness
DVD, you had to be pretty thrilled and honored.

Katee Shean: Oh, my goodness. I was so stoked. You know, we’re created a family with So You Think You Can Dance and with the other cast members and not only in my
season, being able to do this (workout DVD), there’s an instant connection with the other dancers. The DVDs have people from season two and season three and season four all working together
on this project. I thought that was nice as well.

SheKnows: Do you think the appeal is that it’s really approachable? People that are huge fans of dance most likely enjoy dancing themselves, the DVDs are easy and accessible.
Who hasn’t danced around the living room?

SYTYCD Get Fit: Tone and Groove is available everywhereKatee breaks it down

Katee Shean: We took the time – we were sore (laughs) – our muscles were getting in shape doing these DVD routines over and over. I think that it’s a nice balance
because we really take the time to break it down. If my mom is going to pop in this DVD, what would she want to do? Also, what if my best friend is putting in the DVD, what does she want? We
definitely start off slow and break it down until we work our way up to a faster tempo. There are bonus features that include all six of us at once. It’s a fun little DVD.

SheKnows: They actually sent it to me last week and my wife and I have had a blast doing it.

Katee Shean: Awesome! That is so cute.

SheKnows: You have the DVD coming out, how else has your life changed since you were a final two dancer on So You Think You Can Dance?

Katee Shean: It’s definitely opened a lot of doors. I get to go out and teach on the weekends and give master classes. I just got back from New York working on Step Up 3.
I’ve gotten to be in a couple of other movie projects that hopefully will get picked up. Something that’s also fun for me is I got asked to be the spokes model for Capezio (dancewear).

SheKnows: Oh, wow!

Katee Shean: A real dancer’s brand, I grew up with them, so this is so cool. It’s been fun to be able to try my hand at a couple of different projects. My little
cousins are excited that I got to do a Hannah Montana promo (laughs)!

SheKnows: (Laughing) You’re huge!

Katee Shean: They’re really excited to see their big cousin throw down with Miley (laughs).

SheKnows: You just say Hannah Montana and Katee in the same sentence. You scored big points with the kids.

Katee Shean: (Laughs)

SheKnows: Thanks Katee for taking some time with SheKnows.

Katee Shean: Oh, thank you so much. You and your wife enjoy that DVD!

SheKnows: We are already (laughs).

Katee Shean: Keep it up (laughs)!

Exclusive DVD clip!

Courtney takes us through Hip-Hop.

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