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Constipation remedies: Natural ways to stay regular

Many people suffer with constipation and though it may appear to be an amusing situation, this uncomfortable condition is no laughing matter and can even pose serious health problems. Constipation home remedies are often the first choice for people with irregularity and most home remedies consist of simple lifestyle changes that prove to be quite effective. If you are looking for natural means to stay regular, give the following constipation remedies a try.

Woman with Stomach ProblemsSymptoms of

Constipation is more than just not being able to have a bowel movement. Constipation can cause a range of problems, including nausea, leg pains, headache, flatulence, fever and loss of appetite.
Even if bowel movements are occurring, but happen to be hard to pass or do not happen on a regular basis, one could still have constipation.

Improve your diet

If you take in the right amounts of foods, in the right combinations, your bowel movements should be easy to pass. Aim for a balanced diet of wholesome foods that provide at least 25 to 30 grams of
fiber per day (fiber helps move waste out) and be sure to stay well-hydrated (liquid helps fiber move waste out). Ask your doctor or a nutritionist for diet guidelines to ensure regularity.

Eat more fruits and veggies

Fruits and veggies will add bulk and fiber to your diet and help relieve constipation. You may, however, want to avoid those vegetables that are known to cause flatulence (i.e. cabbage, sprouts,
beans and foods such as nuts and also some dried foods). Processed, fatty foods and fried foods are also best avoided. (Try these top 8 fruits
for optimal health

Fill up on figs

You’ve probably heard that prunes are effective in relieving constipation but figs are also an excellent choice. Well known throughout time as one of the best home remedies for constipation,
figs can be soaked over night in water and be ready for breakfast the next morning. You can eat figs plain, or chop them up and stir them into oatmeal and yogurt. You can also use figs as the base
for a homemade blended drink: Combine three or four figs, goat milk and prune juice in a blender and puree. This is a super drink that when taken regularly for several days will usually help
relieve constipation. (Cooking with fresh figs)

Go for whole grains

Whole grain breads, cereals and pastas are high in fiber and can be effective in helping to move waste out of the body and keep the bowels functioning optimally.

Move to get things moving

Add exercise to your daily regime. Studies show that sedentary people tend to suffer with constipation as compared to people who get regular physical activity.

Home remedies for constipation consist of basic lifestyle changes that will benefit your overall health as well as relieve constipation symptoms. However, if symptoms persist, see your doctor to
determine the cause and rule out more serious conditions.

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