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Five greens you should be eating

We all know “greens” are good for us, but what Popeye-loving veggies give you the most bang for your nutrition buck? Read on for the top five greens you should be eating and recipes to make sure you do.



What it is: Arugula is a leafy, edible plant that’s originally from the Mediterranean.

Why it’s so good for you: This strong smelling peppery-tasting plant is loaded with cancer-fighting vitamin C and heart-helping potassium.

How to eat it: Use it in place of basil to create a tasty arugula pesto.


What it is: This edible tree-like veggie is named after a small town in Italy and is grown, almost exclusively, in California and Arizona.

Why it’s so good for you: Broccoli is a superpower among veggies. Not only is it loaded with dozens of vitamins, like vitamins A and C, it also contains calcium, fiber and
vitamin B6 (all great for fighting degenerative diseases and cancer).

How to eat it: Bake these Broccoli Stuffed Potatoes.


What it is: Popeye’s favorite strongman green has been popular for years because of its super nutritional value. Spinach is grown across the US and Asia.

Why it’s so good for you: If you’re going to eat one green every day, spinach should be it. The fresh tasting green is loaded with antioxidants, iron, folate and
magnesium, all of which slow the aging process and halt degenerative diseases like arthritis. Spinach also contains fiber and calcium.

How to eat it: Beat summer’s heat with this Chilled Spinach Chicken Soup.

Collard Greens

What it is: A favorite in the south, collard greens belong to the same plant family as broccoli and cabbage. It’s eaten all over the world, most frequently in Africa, Spain
and Brazil.

Why it’s good for you: Loaded with vitamins, collard greens are one of the best foods you can eat. They’re a great source of vitamin C and fiber and have
anti-inflammatory antioxidants, making it an important leafy green for people suffering from arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. Recent research also suggests collard greens have a mixture
of anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties that help stave off colds and infections.

How to eat it: Get sneaky with this super nutritious Purple Puree.

Romaine Lettuce

What it is: A sturdy lettuce famous for its role in the Caesar salad, romaine lettuce can be eaten raw or cooked. This leafy green is originally from Greece and was later
transported to the US through Rome.

Why it’s good for you: Romaine lettuce is rich in a variety of vitamins including vitamins A, C and K and is loaded with folate and potassium, all of which are great for
promoting the health of your heart and lungs.

How to eat it: Give these Caesar salads a try.

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