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5 Online health tools

More than ever, we’re spending time doing two things: Surfing the Web and looking for easy ways to stay healthy… which is why you may have noticed a wide array of new online tools designed to help you track your exercise or nutrition plans. But with so many options available, figuring out which are the most reliable is a challenge. We tested some of the newest online health tools for ease of use, convenience and portability. Here are our favorites!

Woman Exercising Near Computer

SparkPeople (

This popular website is packed with hundreds of tips and tricks on tracking your health. From the site’s calorie counter to its personalized diet and fitness planner, is
informative and easy to use. We also like the homepage, which displays a constantly updated “health” count of all its users.

HealtheHuman (

Like other health tracking sites, can help you count calories, track fat intake and record the exercises you do each week. So why does this particular health website stand out? It
also has a section to log and track the medications and supplements you use. You can even search the FDA drug database for information on more than 21,000 drugs. Another helpful feature allows you
to review your medication history by dragging and dropping your doctor’s file into the site’s easy-to-use database.

BodyBio (

You know about the nutrients your body needs, but do you know if you’re getting enough of each? That’s where the Body Bio Report comes in. Simply get a blood test from your doctor, go to
the website, and enter the data from the blood test results sheet; you’ll get a personalized printout that details the nutrients you’re getting and those you need. From
there, you can talk to your doctor about the results and the best ways to improve your vitamin and mineral intake.

LIVESTRONG.COM ( is a great health and fitness resource for a girl on the go. The application’s database of more than 525,000 foods and 2,000 fitness activities is one of the most comprehensive
calorie trackers we’ve ever seen. Because it’s easy to use, it will help you monitor your body’s caloric input and energy output, no matter how busy you are. What’s more:
It’s finally available for the BlackBerry (following the program’s huge success on the iPhone).

Google Docs (

This handy feature allows you to create basic documents, including bulleted lists and spreadsheets (similar to the ones you build in Word or Excel) to keep track of your diet, workouts,
and health and fitness goals. Already have a document on your desktop? No problem. You can upload it to the Google Docs program so it’s only an email sign-in away — no matter what computer
you are using. What’s more, through Google Docs, you can share your health and fitness plan or workout schedule with other fit-minded people such as your workout buddy or personal

With the convenience of these online health tools, keeping track of your health and fitness has never been easier!

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