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Jon & Kate: The clues to their marriage doom

If you’re a fan of the show Jon & Kate Plus 8, you’re probably as depressed as we are. No one wants to see this cute family fall apart. Sadly, it’s happening right before our eyes — in the tabloids and on TV during their reality show’s fifth season. “It’s tough to watch,” entertainment editors have said in their recaps, referring to the couple’s full admittance of their marital issues. They’re there for their kids, they say. But opponents have since come out claiming that both Jon and Kate are exploiting their eight children, not to mention that the show may be violating child labor laws.

Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of the show or the couple, despite the fact that the scandal is here to stay, the children are adorable and the story is quite sad. Looking back, experts have come forward to say that the couple’s inevitable fate could have been predicted. Here’s what they saw:

Doomed from the Very Beginning

Many viewers knew Jon and Kate’s relationship would never work out. “From an outsider’s perspective, it was doomed from the start. Kate talks to him like a child — it’s all criticism and no gratitude. There’s never a ‘thank you.’ In the interview chair — when it is no longer ‘reality’ and she’s obviously aware her words will be broadcast — she belittles him and points out his every perceived flaw to a national audience,” says Sasha Pasulka, head writer and founder of Evil Beet Gossip. “That’s the opposite of the mutual respect a relationship needs to survive, particularly under the strain of eight children. No self-respecting person would want to stay in a marriage like that. Jon is a smart, talented, hard-working man and a fantastic father. It was only a matter of time before he decided he wouldn’t put up with Kate’s condescension any longer.”

It was a Super-Stressful Situation from the Start

Dr. Kathleen Hall, an internationally recognized stress expert, points out that households under a lot of stress will have major issues. “Today, divorce is ranked number two on the Holmes and Rahes Stress Scale and is especially frequent among parents of multiples,” she says. “Children of newly divorced parents are innocent spectators, often left fearful of being abandoned and feeling that they are to blame for the divided household.”

They’re Not on the Same Page

The couple has admitted that they’re in very different places right now. One can only assume what exactly that meant, but Dr. Joyce Morley-Ball, author, relationship expert and psychotherapist, believes that Kate is all about fortune, fame and celebrity status, and Jon is about just being an ordinary person right now. “He feels he’s losing Kate to Hollywood,” Morley-Ball assumes. “Kate seems to be evolving to another level and Jon seems stuck.”

Their Marriage Took a Backseat to Everything Else

“Kate seemed more focused on herself and the children, and less on Jon — she puts her best foot forward to make it seem as if she’s okay with the way things are, but it’s evident in her body language and her actions — for instance, during the birthday party — that she’s hurting inside — there is a sadness in her,” Morley-Ball picks up on. We can’t help but think that if Jon and Kate tried to fix their problems sooner before it was too late, that this family could be saved. Morley-Ball adds, communication is key. “[It’s] essential for couples to maintain a healthy relationship. It’s imperative that couples have a marriage agenda, which includes daily rituals: touching, kissing, sharing feelings, sharing challenges and concerns, and that the challenges and concerns are worked on and out on a daily basis.”

Regardless of what’s causing their issues, one thing is for sure: the children are most important. We don’t know what the future holds for the Gosselins, but for the sake of their beautiful children, we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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