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Bikini body fitness DVDs

Looking for the fastest way to get fit for summer? The latest release of home fitness DVDs from Shape, Get Ripped trainer Jari Love, and Flexxation fitness expert Amy Cheryl, feature a combination of muscle toning moves and fat-burning cardio that will effectively – and efficiently – give you a bikini body that begs to be seen at the beach.

Bikini DVDSShape’s Ultimate Bikini Body Workout

The Ultimate Bikini Body Workout features acclaimed fitness trainer Dominique Hall, a USA weightlifting coach and the creator of Shape’s 2009 “Bikini Body Countdown” program, who provides a dynamic easy to follow 30-minute cardio and strength training workout as well as three 10-minute mini-workouts that further target bikini trouble zones, like abs and glutes. Hall says, “The length of the workout depends on you. If you only have 30 minutes or as little as 10 minutes you can still get a great guided workout on this DVD…the mix and match aspect of the DVD let’s you get a different workout every time so your body never plateaus.”

Shape’s 20-Minute Makeover

The 20-Minute Makeover is a 60-minute program created by celebrity fitness trainer Elise Gulan that features 20 minutes of interval training designed to deliver full-body fitness in a time crunch, and four 10-minute targeted toning workouts to sculpt arms, flatten abs, firm lower body and burn fat. The workouts can be customized so participants can mix and match routines any way they want. Gulan says, “I choreographed and created this workout series to be the most efficient, effective and versatile on the market. It is designed to save time by combining safe, high-energy cardio intervals with deep strength training for a quick, full-body makeover in 20 short minutes. It will help inspire people of all ages, sizes and shapes to just have fun, move organically and express themselves while getting fit and fierce!”

The release of Shape’s new DVDs coincides with Shape’s Bikini Body Tour Event that will take place in Miami and Southern California from May through June 2009. The event will be hosted by Shape fitness experts and feature live bikini workouts, a bikini fashion show and bikini body cabanas. Visit for more information or to purchase the DVDs. Shape’s DVDs are also available at and in retail stores nationwide.

Jari Love’s Get Extremely Ripped!

Fitness enthusiasts know Jari Love for her lean, mean physique and popular Get Ripped! fitness DVD series. Her latest release Get Extremely Ripped! features two 30-minute workouts that combine heart rate raising strength training exercises scientifically proven to be the most effective in burning calories in the shortest amount of time. The result is a constant calorie burn and revved up metabolism during the workout, and for hours after the workout. From beginner to advanced, Love’s exercises are very simple and easy to follow, have modifications for all skill levels, and give you a home workout that is as effective as going to the gym. For more information on the Get Ripped! fitness series or to order DVDs online, visit

Amy Cheryl’s Flexxation Exxtasy Through Exercise

At the forefront of the hottest fitness trend of combining exercises that target the mind and body, Cheryl’s signature Flexxation sculpting system gives home exercisers the ability to experience Exxtasy Thru Exercise. Flexxation is scientifically proven to cut workouts in half while providing twice the results. The reason? Cheryl, a former award-winning body builder and 20 year veteran in the fitness industry, takes participants through movements that work opposing muscle groups at the same time while providing cues for participants to actually feel the muscle activation in the body. That means profound results with fewer repetitions. Flexxation also features two additional techniques: Free it Up!, an exhilarating cardio routine that gets the heart pumping, and YOGAFLEXX, a yoga flow routine that shapes muscles using Flexxation principles. The Exxtasy Through Exercise fitness DVD is now available online at and includes two complete workout routines and a personal FlexxBand.

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