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4 Better boyfriends for Rihanna

Depending on who you believe, there have been mixed reports that Rihanna is dating either actor Wilmer Valderama, best known for That ’70s Show and famously bragging about bedding starlets like Mandy Moore and Lindsay Lohan to Howard Stern, or Bromance “star” Frankie Delgado.


And while we’re happy that Rihanna has moved on from her turbulent relationship with ex Chris Brown, a part of us can’t help but wonder: “Really, Rihanna? The guy that played Fez or, even worse, a guy who claims friendship with Brody Jenner?”

We think our RiRi deserves better, so here are a few guys who’d we prefer to see the beautiful “Umbrella” songstress with instead:

Josh Hartnett1. Josh Hartnett

If Rihanna wants to revisit a past relationship, she could do a lot worse than getting back in touch with Josh Harnett, the hunky star of Lucky Number Slevin and Wicker Park whom she was previously linked to in 2007. A Midwestern boy at heart with old-fashioned values, he decided to move back to his home state of Minnesota in 2002 and leave LA because “flitting around from club to club and girl to girl is no way to live,” he was quoted as saying.

2. Damon Dash

Damon Dash

An older man who could mentor and protect her may just be what Rihanna needs after having her fairy tale romance with Chris Brown go so badly awry. The thirty-seven year old Dash, a successful hip-hop music and fashion mogul, could fit that bill nicely and is known for appreciating the charms of beautiful young singers, having once famously dated Aaliyah. Although he is currently in the process of divorcing wife Rachel Roy, he could certainly commiserate with Rihanna’s past relationship troubles and offer her a strong shoulder to lean on.

3. Laz Alonzo

While the least famous of the group, there’s no question that this former model turned actor and musician is Rihanna’s counterpart in both looks and talent and would make the perfect rebound guy. Resembling a young Denzel Washington, Alonzo studied business at Howard University and even worked on Wall Street before gaining recognition in films like Stomp the Yard and the latest Fast & Furious flick. He is also said to be an accomplished musician and singer, having played the piano since he was a kid.

Justin Timberlake4. Justin Timberlake

With his relationship with Jessica Biel reportedly on the rocks, we’d love to see a romance develop between Rihanna and the “SexyBack” singer. The pair are reportedly good friends and displayed sizzling chemistry in her sexy 2008 “Rehab” video (so much that Jessica Biel was supposedly ‘sick to her stomach’ after seeing pictures of them from the set.) They were also slated to sing together at the Grammys before Rihanna had to drop out, but perhaps a romantic duet later on this year is what is really in the cards for them.

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