Prepping yourself for orgasm: 4 Steps

It’s time for some loving. You’re excited for the bedroom romp around with your honey, but you’re intimidated by the idea of not “getting there” yet again. You don’t know what you’re doing wrong, but it’s hard for you to climax (or maybe you never have gotten there at all). It’s not news to you – there are things he can do to help you orgasm. From foreplay to toys, we’ve heard them all. But what about you? What can you do to help yourself rise to the occasion? Follow these steps to “getting there.” Good luck!

Couple in Bed

Step 1: Prep Yourself

If you’re not prepared, you’ll never be able to get there. Don’t forget to groom and get yourself ready for some lovin’. Failing to do so might keep you inhibited in the bedroom during your romp around session. If you’re comfortable with your area down under and everything else in its vicinity, you’ll feel okay with him exploring your body from top to bottom, making for better love making.

Step 2: Love Your Body

Loving your body is also very important when it comes to love making and achieving the orgasm of your dreams. If you’re comfortable about how you look, it’s almost as if you’re getting hot and heavy for yourself. Okay, I know that sounds totally strange, but it’s true. When you’re making love to your man, consider that you’re also making love to yourself. Be into yourself and he’ll be into you. It’s all part of the equation.

Step 3: Relax

It’s time to let loose in the bedroom. When you’re laying down with your honey, imagine yourself literally sinking into the bed. Relax your entire body and float on air. Taking it easy will make climax even easier. If you’re the type to have a hard time relaxing, try having a glass of wine before your love session. That should loosen you up a bit and will not only drop your inhibitions; it will also help you in the next step.

Step 4: Open Up

Have you ever heard of anyone telling you to imagine opening up your vagina like a butterfly? Yes, it’s a strange tactic, but it can work when you want to reach an orgasm easily and quickly. More often than not, women who have a hard time “getting there” are thinking too much. Really, the only thing you need to think about is the nerves down there. Everything else – just forget about it. The only thing that should be on your mind is pleasure.

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