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Real women: Inspirational stories of women who embraced life

Oftentimes, we let little things get to us. Even something as simple as bad rush-hour traffic or a missed appointment can ruin our day. It’s these times that we need to hear inspirational tales that help us learn to appreciate life. These two stories are about real women who overcame real obstacles to embrace everything life has to offer.

Celebrate life


Inspirational women

With the hustle and bustle that goes hand in hand with everyday life in today’s society, it’s quite easy to take our very existence for granted. Most people feel at ease in their own routine and don’t dare leave its comforts. However, there are those who strive for bigger and better things — whether out of ambition or simply a will to survive. I spoke with two inspirational women who told me their stories about why they reached for the stars and how they arrived at their destination. Both women, Rebecca and Cindy, have encountered daunting obstacles in life but have overcome by utilizing grace, determination and an undying love of life.

Battling dyslexia

Rebecca, who I met at a business conference in Las Vegas, is one of the smartest people I know. Even if you were around her for an entire day, you probably wouldn’t notice her disability. “I was born with severe dyslexia,” Rebecca explains. “Due to my learning disability, I was in special education classes for most of my elementary and middle school years.” Despite the challenge, she refused to let dyslexia dictate her life. Every day, she worked on overcoming her disability with the help of her parents. “My dad would spend an hour every morning helping me with math,” says Rebecca. “In the evenings, my mom would have me read books out lout and then she would quiz me on the content.” Rebecca’s hard work paid off. By high school, she had advanced from special education classes all the way to honors classes. When high school came to an end, she kept striving. “When I was a young, no one thought I could ever go to college,” she confides. Not only did Rebecca end up going to college, she graduated near the top of her class. Was her journey over? Hardly. “I always had a vision,” says Rebecca, “of one day being a lawyer. But it seemed like such a crazy aspiration that I never told anyone.” Today, Rebecca’s vision is a reality. She graduated from law school and is currently working her way up in one of the largest law firms on the East Coast. Rebecca says: “I wouldn’t change a thing. My learning disability still makes life a challenge but it also gave me the determination to make my dream come true.”

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