How to get what you want in a relationship

It’s easy to ask for things, but will you get them? Not necessarily. Just like mastering a skill, you’ll need to know the tricks to the trade when it comes to getting what you want in your relationship. Granted, these tips may not work on everyone – after all, all men are different – but they sure can’t hurt, right?

Man Giving Woman MassageNext time you need something from your honey, consider these dos and don’ts before you make your case.

Do Ask Nicely

You’re not going to get what you want from your beau by being mean and demanding. Next time you want your honey to make dinner, start it off with a compliment. Say something like, “Baby, I loved that spaghetti you made that one time. Can you make it again? It’s one of my favorite dishes!” Buttering him up should work. The key here is to find his strengths, highlight them, then make your case.

Don’t Ask at All

If you know he’ll see right through the compliments, try not asking at all. Don’t come out and ask your boyfriend or husband what you want. Instead, mainly hint at your request and hope for the best. Say something like, “Oh my gosh – I absolutely love that handbag. But ugh, I have no business buying myself something that expensive right now.” Afraid this might not work? Consider a more aggressive approach by employing a little reverse psychology. When doing so, however, be very careful. Your plan could go terribly wrong. He might actually do what you ask.

Do Give a Little

Getting what you want can be as simple as giving what you want. Do you want him to give you a back rub? Then, give him one first. Plan ahead and do the types of things to your love that you would like. He’ll be so grateful for your generosity, he’ll likely return the favor. Sometimes these are the types of things he forgets about. You doing sweet things for him – the kind that you want to benefit from, too – will give him ideas.

Don’t Ever Threaten

Please, ladies, don’t be that girl who gives her man ultimatums and threats. Don’t say anything along the lines of, “You better clean the house before I get home or else” or “If you don’t stop doing what you’re doing, I’m gone.” If you have to say the former, you’ll just anger the man. You’re trying to get what you want, right? You’re not trying to make him detest you. If you say the latter, perhaps you shouldn’t be with this man at all – if what he does is so awful that you’d be willing to leave or if he doesn’t mean enough to you that you can let him go just like that, it can’t be a good sign.

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