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Twitter: The next great dating site

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock waiting for the recession to end, you may have heard of a little site that’s “changing the way we communicate,” according to

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Twitter, a micro-blogging website that allows users to update their friends (or ‘followers’) about their real-time thoughts and activities in posts (aka ‘tweets’) is also changing the way we date.

Like a dating profile, a person’s tweets provide a wealth amount of information about him: what his interests are, the kind of activities he enjoys – even his whereabouts at any given moment. And
when combined with a 100×100 pixel photo, you can begin to form a portrait of who he is.

So while Twitter has been heralded as a new form of journalism, the site’s social networking aspect plus the sheer amount of information people provide about themselves will make it the next great
dating site in 2009 and beyond.

Below are four reasons to cancel your paid dating site membership and find a date on Twitter:

1. Easily search for people with similar interests

Unlike other social networking sites, Twitter offers (at least) one additional feature that others don’t: a people search engine. With a few clicks of the mouse at, you can find new Twitter friends by typing in specific keywords, such as an interest, profession, or location.

2. Strike up a low-pressure conversation

It is easy to introduce yourself and start a conversation on Twitter. Once you spy someone interesting, simply start following them – which means that all of their tweets will show up on your
homepage when you log in. If something they say strikes you fancy, simply direct a reply tweet at them by hitting the reply arrow to the right of each tweet, or typing in the @ symbol and their user
name before your response. It will show up on their homepage and soon you will be chatting away.

3. Find clues about a potential date (or fling)

Forget spending awkward first dates asking get-to-know-you questions. With Twitter, you can learn what your future paramour is like before ever meeting him. For example, a Twitter stream that
includes Sunday morning tweets from the office may signal a workaholic, whereas numerous 2am tweets about various parties and girls may mean that he is a bit of a playboy.

4. Tweet-up and fall in love

Meet Gwen (@gwenbell) and Joel (@jlongtine), a couple who found each other on Twitter. He started following her. She began following him. They both fell in love with the other one’s witty tweets. The rest is history.

Last year, they announced their engagement on Twitter – and will, of course, be live-tweeting their wedding in March for friends, followers, and Twitterazzi around the globe.

Don’t know where to start? Follow @MrTweet for customized, automated recommendations of people in your Twitter circle that you’ve been missing out on. Or just tweet me @margeauxklein.

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