14 tips to look better naked

8. Opt for a warm fragrance

Looking sweet is irrelevant if you don’t also smell great. Draw attention to your décolletage and wrists by dabbing on a warm, spicy fragrance such as Coco by Coco Chanel. (For more perfume/fragrance suggestions, see how to find the right scent for you!)

9. Adjust the temperature

For an extra turn-on, rub some ice on your nipples so that they show just enough before you undress!

You will also want to make sure the temperature in the room isn’t too hot or cold before ditching your clothes. Too warm will have you sweating, whereas icy temps will leave you shivering and spiky from your recent shave.

10. Grooming… down there

And don’t forget to groom the hair down there! Accessorize your bikini line with crystals or have it waxed into a playful shape. Or, for those who prefer to go au naturel, just a quick trim with scissors can make all the difference.

11. Accessorize

Just because you are naked doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize! High heels are sexy and have the advantage of making your legs look especially lean — plus, heels give your butt an extra lift. Or, for a more playful option, don a feather boa or a rocking piece of dangly jewelry that you can also use to tickle and tease him later.

12. Get pampered

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple mani/pedi. When your hands and feet are in tip-top shape, you benefit from the self confidence boost, and it shows! Splurge on a manicure and pedicure, and don’t be afraid to try out a little color. Go for something bold and red, or soft and warm like a peach or plum hue. The callus removal will leave your feet touchably soft, so he’ll love it when you rub your feet against his… you may even luck out with a foot rub!

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13. Find the right lighting

Looking good naked isn’t just about your skin — a soft lighting scheme can help flatter your figure. Avoid harsh fluorescents whenever possible, and instead try to incorporate mood lighting, such as candles, uplighting or floor lamps.

14. Get confident

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Remember, if you feel sexy and fabulous, you will look it — even in the buff… and confidence is, after all, the ultimate sexiness! Smile, practice good posture and have a positive attitude!