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Rescue your relationship from a bromance

Sure it’s great for your guy to have a best friend he can share all the boy stuff with but are you finding yourself in love lockdown because of his other significant other? Welcome to the bromance. Trying to figure out where to draw the line? Whether his BFF is always inviting himself to would-be dates or constantly mooching off your snack stockpile, we’ve got some tips to help repair the damage and hopefully bring some balance back to your relationship. We’ve even taken the liberty of breaking them down by type for easy identification and execution — of the issue and solution, not the BFF.

Your boyfriend’s bromance & 4 types of BFFs

Woman with her boyfriend and his best friend

The eternal bachelor

He may pretend to be single by choice but you have the sneaking suspicion it might have something to do with his bald spot and 5th grade sense of humor. Guys who can’t get girlfriends tend to rag on their friends in happy relationships just to make themselves feel better. If he’s putting you down or making you feel insecure then you should speak up. Well, first you should curb the urge to go all Christian Bale on him and then try sitting down with your man and working out the issue. No matter how close the friendship, he should never be okay with you being disrespected.

The third wheel

You love boyfriend’s best friend just as much as he does but that doesn’t give him an excuse to barge in on your plans whenever he feels the need. If the buddy has crashed one-too-many date nights, it may be time to put your foot down. Try dropping some subtle hints like “I’m taking Chris to a romantic dinner this weekend.” If that doesn’t work then you may want to throw subtlety out the window and ask him to be MIA for the night. Return the favor and give them some guy time, too.

The pseudo-child

The guy is over so much that he’s become part of your family. Translation: he’s just an extra mouth to feed and another person to clean up after. If you find your fridge’s contents — and bank account — dwindling before your very eyes try suggesting to your boyfriend that they meet for drinks elsewhere a couple of times a week. You may be gambling with the chance that your guy be stuck picking up the tab but at least you won’t be stuck picking up beer bottles.

The almost-girlfriend

He knows your man’s schedule better than you do and always seems to call just as your guy is walking in the door from work. It’s okay to demand one-on-one time. Ask your significant other to turn off his phone for a bit so you two can catch up on the day. Once you’ve had your moment then he’s free to check the 15 voicemails and attend to his inevitable bromance.

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