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3 Easy ways to brighten your mood

Though it’s the shortest month on the calendar, February can feel like it goes on forever. With winter in high gear and spring still weeks away, it’s easy to dive into the doldrums this time of year. It is no wonder February is unofficially “Blah Buster” month! But we’ve got ways to bail you out of your bad mood. Here are three simple ways to beat the winter blahs.

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1. Plan ahead

Your summer vacation may seem eons away, but that doesn’t mean you have to hunker down at home ‘til then. Break the next few months up with quick trips. If you have the time (and savings), check out the bargain getaways at Not able to do an overnighter? Plan a day trip to a cute little town, a national park, or another distinct destination that’s within easy driving distance from your home. Or simply just fill up your calendar with potential fun things to do and see nearby, like gallery openings, concerts, basketball games, and more. Simply having an activity or two to anticipate each week is an easy way to beat the winter woes.

2. Makeover your home

Sick of staring at the same photos on your wall? Or is your sagging sofa making you sad? Since you’re spending so much time indoors these days, it’s easy to start loathing your living space. So get a jumpstart on the spring by freshening up your home — starting now. If you’re not ready to invest in new decor, make small — and inexpensive — changes. Swap your throw pillows or pillowcases, rearrange your furniture, or paint one wall in your bedroom a vibrant hue to brighten things up. Even small touches like a vase of fresh flowers in your entryway will remind you that spring is just around the corner.

3. Breathe some fresh air

Sure, you may be sick of the snow or rain falling outside your door. But just think: In a few months, the cold wet stuff will be just a fuzzy memory replaced by soaring temps and searing sun. So make the best of the blustery weather by taking part in a quintessential wintertime activity. Bundle up and go ice skating, skiing, sledding, or just hit a park for a long walk. Afterwards, snuggle in front of a fire with a cup of cocoa and relax. See, February can be fun, after all!

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