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How to look extra sexy for a romantic night

Valentine’s Day is here, and although it is, in fact, a commercial holiday, it’d still be a lot of fun to show your love on the special day. Stoked for the special night but don’t know how to prepare? Don’t slack – get lingerie ready by following these simple tips. And remember, this advice applies to other romantic nights of the year, so use them as necessary.

Woman in Red Lingerie

Buy Something New

Hello, Fredericks of Hollywood, Victoria’s Secret and Figleaves. It’s time to purchase some sexy in the form of pretty lingerie. Before the romantic evening, ask your man what he likes. Who knows, he may want you in a football jersey. Or, like most men, he’ll probably ask to see you in lace and chiffon. It’s good to communicate expectations beforehand so he can grow in anticipation and you can plan ahead. Visit your favorite lingerie store (if applicable, that is) and get something you know not only he will like, but you will love to see yourself in.

Groom Yourself

This goes without saying – don’t forget to shave, trim, wax what you need to. Depending on yours and/or your lover’s preference of hair, of course, groom accordingly so there are no surprises during the romantic night. If you’re feeling a little frisky, consider a special design on your you-know-what, like a heart or star.

Stay Away from Junk

Newsflash – salty foods make you bloated. So stay away from potato chips, fast food, and ramen noodles for a week before your fab fling. Consuming foods with a lot of sodium will only add water weight, making your tummy look bigger than it normally is. Stick with natural foods before your romantic night. Shop at Wholefoods and farmer’s markets. Eat salads with light dressing and lots of whole grain pastas, rice and bread. Doing so will make your body sexier than it already is!

Set the Mood

To sex up the room, you’ll need two manipulate two important things: the lighting and aroma. Give your bedroom or living room that romantic glow it doesn’t normally have.. Instead of using plain old tealight candles, consider PartyLite’s Scents of Illumination. These unique translucent solid frangrance-filled wine glasses will hold tealight candles. It really provides a nice touch to your wine setup and table setting. You can get them in scents like champagne pear (if you’re having white wine) and Tuscan vineyards (if you’re having red wine).. They retail for $32.95 each or you can get two for $62.95 at You can also get the tealights there for $9.50 for a dozen.

Own Your Sexy

No matter what you do to get ready for the lovely day – whether you groom, eat right, and dress sultry – your sex appeal won’t go very far if you don’t own it. After you follow the steps above, it’s very important to know, remember and maintain how sexy you are. Once you and your lover are “in the moment,” just enjoy yourself, each other and the night. Then, repeat every day if possible to keep that love alive. Valentine’s Days, anniversaries and honeymoons aren’t the only occasions for fun loving.

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