Quiz: Which sex bomb are you?

You don’t have to be Beyonce to have an alter ego. Lurking under the surface, every woman has a sassy side to her personality that takes over when she’s out on a date (or just feeling confident!) Take our quiz below to determine which sexy, bombshell celebrity you most closely resemble.


1. Your ideal first date outfit consists of:

A. A tight Herve Leger bandage dress that accentuates your curves.
B. A vintage dress and layered necklaces.
C. A white tuxedo jacket and skinny pants.
D. A classic LBD paired with heels in a bold hue.




2. For Valentine’s Day, you’re planning on giving your boyfriend:

A. A blinged-out watch.
B. Yourself, popping out of a cake.
C. A vial of your own blood.
D. A romantic weekend at a B&B for just the two of you.




3. A guy does not have long-term potential if he:

A. Doesn’t meet with your friends’ approval.
B. Has a lot of “close friends” that just happen to be cute, younger girls.
C. Doesn’t want children.
D. Doesn’t like your children.




4. When you talk to your friends about your love life, they:

A. Are surprised – You’re usually so private about your personal life.
B. Don’t understand what you see in the men you date.
C. Sigh and wish their lives were so passionate.
D. Are envious of your younger man’s stamina!




5. If you ever get married, it will be:

A. On a Manhattan rooftop
B. At a castle in Ireland
C. When all American, including gays and lesbians, have the right to marry.
D. In a small ceremony surrounded by your family and friends




How Did You Score??





Mostly A’s:

You are equal parts sweet and fierce. You are Beyonce. Behind your tough façade (and rockin’ wardrobe) lies a woman with traditional values and a close-knit circle of friends. You may be known as an independent woman in your professional life, but, at home, you enjoy cooking and domestic pursuits (and have even been caught tearing up at Oprah on occasion.) You may dress sexy, but the men in your life know that you won’t settle for anything less than The One.




Mostly B’s:

Do you remember that quirky guy in high school who performed those covers of KISS songs in full make-up and everything thought he was a little weird except you? If so, then it’s no surprise that you’re Dita Von Teese. You’re a classic babe with a penchant for the unusual and your ability to be simultaneously provocative and classy makes you the pin-up girl of many men’s dreams.




Mostly C’s:

As the love ’em and leave ’em type, you are destined to break many hearts until you finally meet your soul mate and then have a gazillion babies. You are Angelina Jolie. You may have been something of a wild child in your youth, but you have mellowed as you’ve become older and are now ready for an adult relationship, in every sense of the word. A passionate idealist when it comes to love, you do not fall in love easy, but when you do, you will let nothing stand in the way of your soul mate.




Mostly D’s:

Some might call you a MILF, but we wouldn’t dare. Your style and beauty are simply ageless. You are Demi Moore. Although you’re accustomed to people staring at you, not only because of the cute guy on your arm, but because of your flawless figure and sense of style, you’re a fiercely loyal friend who doesn’t believe in throwing away relationships. An independent spirit, you’re not one who needs a man in your life (you can take care of yourself – thank you very much,) but, nonetheless, you appreciate having someone to share the quieter moments with (as well as the sillier ones.)




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