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Healthy sex tips: Natural ways to get in the mood

Blame stress, hormones, or just plain exhaustion, but women just aren’t feeling as frisky these days. So says a National Health and Social Life survey, which reported that 32 percent of women lacked sexual interest for several months last year. Which is a shame, since sex brings remarkable boosts to your health (studies say it can build up your immune system, relieve stress and anxiety, fight aging, and more). So, here are some quick tips to get you in the mood the natural way.

Sex tip #1: Herb it up

Like an all-natural Viagara, certain herbs and medicinal plants support a healthy sex drive in men and women. According to Chris Kilham’s book Hot Plants: Nature’s Proven Sex Boosters for Men and Women, plants like maca, rhodiola, and the aptly-named horny goat weed are all adaptogens, or natural substances that are believed to increase your resistance to physical and emotional stress, fatigue, depression and illness. So not only can they make you healthier, but they just may make you more ready to amp things up in the bedroom, too.

Sex tip #2: Eat food that gets you frisky

When it comes to aphrodisiacs, we’ve all heard about oysters, caviar and chocolate – but what about salmon and mackerel? (Or these 30 aphrodisiac foods?) According to experts, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids increase circulation and stimulate your sex drive. Other omega-3-rich foods to work into that candlelit dinner? Try walnuts, broccoli, cantaloupe, kidney beans, spinach, grape leaves or cauliflower. (Here are a few more delicious ways to feed your lover for better sex.)

And if you’re more of a nibbler, try snacks packed with arginine, an amino acid that also increases circulation and is found in cashews, walnuts, peanuts, granola, oatmeal, green veggies, garlic and chickpeas.

Sex tip #3: Stress less for more sex

No surprise, stress is a huge detriment to your sex drive. According to a recent study, women reported stress to be the number one factor foiling their sexual desire. So to get yourself in the mood, take time to relax – whether it’s a bubble bath, a yoga class, or just winding down on the couch with a good book. Exercise helps, too, as the endorphins released when you sweat it out increase testosterone levels – and your sex drive.

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