Lisa Rinna talks about her workout DVD

Dancing with the Stars veteran Lisa Rinna has been a fitness fanatic for decades. After appearing on Dancing with the Stars, Rinna noticed a new fervor for exercise spawned by the joy of dance.

Lisa Rinna dances her way to a healthy lifestyle

Rinna’s rigorous workout DVD

Now arrives Rinna’s fitness DVD with her Dancing with the Stars partner Louis Van Amstel that fits right into the celebrity’s workout series, Body Beautiful.From Days of Our Lives, Melrose Place to Dancing with the Stars and her current job covering the red carpet for E!, Rinna has always been a busy woman. Raising kids with husband Harry Hamlin and running her BelleGray boutique in Los Angeles only add to her schedule, but Rinna makes time for fitness and she shares her secrets with SheKnows.

Rinna sat down to answer 10 questions about her workout DVD, keeping a Body Beautiful and also the diet she recommends to maximize health and the power of the Body Beautiful workout.

Dancing days

SheKnows: You’ve always been into fitness, but did your experience on Dancing with the Stars take your passion to new heights?

Lisa Rinna: Yes it did. I fell in love with dancing and I haven’t stopped since I did the show and that was 3 years ago!

SheKnows: Besides the fabulous dancing, audiences marvel at the fitness level achieved by the stars by championship time, did a fitness DVD seem like a perfect fit?

Lisa Rinna: I think for me the fitness DVD seemed like the perfect fit. We had created a dance exercise class “Louis Van Amstel and I” and that had been going on for a year. So, this was a way for us to share the class with everyone! 

Lisa and Louis on Dancing with the StarsSheKnows: Did you approach the Dancing choreographers or how did this DVD come about?

Lisa Rinna: The DVD came from the dance class that Louis and I had started. He was my dance partner on the show.

Diet and fitness

SheKnows: As exercise becomes more a part of one’s life over time, does it get easier to get going?

Lisa Rinna: It does get easier over time, especially if it’s dancing. It’s just so fun to do!!!

SheKnows: Do you recommend a certain type of diet to accompany the demands of your DVD?

Lisa Rinna: Yes. I recommend the clean food diet which is no processed foods only natural food like fresh veggies whole grains fresh fruit lean meat no hormone chicken lots of water and green tea.

The Lisa and Harry show

SheKnows: Is it true you and Harry are working on a reality show? I always thought you two are like a real-life Lucy and Desi!

Lisa Rinna: Yes we are! It’s for TV Land and we are shooting the pilot in a few weeks

Lisa Rinna Body Beautiful DVD is in stores nowSheKnows: Favorite music to workout to?

Lisa Rinna: Madonna, Justin and Britney Spears.

SheKnows: Favorite music to dance to?

Lisa Rinna: All kinds from Disco to Jazz to Salsa.

Love for Louis

SheKnows: How was it for you, beyond the Dancing with the Stars experience on the show, to work with Louis Van Amstel in this capacity?

Lisa Rinna: I loved working with Louis so much he is the most amazing dancer in the world, the best choreographer and the best friend a girl could ever have!!!!!

SheKnows: Finally, do you see future installments of this DVD series?

Lisa Rinna: I do see future DVD’s I’m a workout-aholic from long ago and I’ve done every workout known to man. So I’d like to do a yoga-based DVD, a step aerobics one… maybe Pilates, body sculpting…the possibilities are endless I think!!

Lisa Rinna Body Beautiful video sneak peak


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