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20 Wacky ways to show your love

Want some loving ideas that are silly and fun? Check out these 20 wacky ideas to show your love on Valentine’s Day – or any day!

Heart Shaped Pizza1. Take a drive, then park your car at a well-known make out point. Steam up the car windows without a care in the world.


2. Go paintballing, play mini golf or go rock-wall climbing. The adrenaline rush will do amazing things in the bedroom later!


3. Write a story about your love — include how you met, your current status and maybe something about the future to give your significant other some hints about what you are hoping to share soon — a ring, a baby?


4. Instead of buying anniversary or Valentine’s cards for your sweetie, make them yourself. Add personal things that will mean something special to your one and only.


5. Make a video. No, not that kind! Set up the video recorder and talk about how you first met, the special things you love about each other and your special message to your guy or gal. Vow to watch it every Valentine’s Day, no matter how cheesy it turns out!


6. Make a collage of pictures from some of the most memorable moments during your relationship.


7. Do something silly and fun together — like go to a bouncy house (whether or not you have kids!).


8. Rent a bunch of cheesy romance videos and laugh at all the ridiculous lines. Or, make it a game and cheer (with wine or champagne) every time you hear an over-the-top cheesy romantic line.


9. Make a CD or playlist of your favorite songs as a couple.


10. Do a private “striptease” dance for your partner (even if you laugh all the way through it). You may find a new and exciting way to start some foreplay!

11. Dress up like your partner’s favorite cartoon character
, actress or sports hero. Let him guess who you are. Then let him undress you.

12. Teach your dog to do a special trick
just for him. Have him retrieve his copy of Playboy or Maxim or send your dog over to him with a rose in his mouth.


13.  Compare yourselves to animals… That’s right, let your sweetie know he is the one for you by calling him your swan, French angel fish, lobster or blue penguin. All of these animals mate for life.


14. Act out a scene from your favorite romantic movie, such as Titanic, Sleepless in Seattle or The Notebook. It may seem silly at first, but things could get steamy pretty quickly!

15. Tell him he reminds you of his father or yours
– and tell him all the redeeming qualities of why this is an extremely high compliment.


16. Make pizza and arrange the toppings in the shape of a heart or spell out “I love you” with toppings. (You can order pizza as well, but the request is a little embarrassing!)


17. Take a cue from Samantha Jones on Sex and the City: make homemade sushi, get naked, cover yourself in it and wait for your man to come home (keep your cell phone nearby!).

18. Dress up like tourists,
try out your best fake accents and go sightseeing together in your very own city. Don’t forget the camera!


19. Agree to try something you’ve never tried before in the bedroom – fuzzy handcuffs, sex in heels or a new position. You never know what you might be missing.


20. Ask his or your (or both!) parents to join you for dinner or drinks for their anniversary or on Valentine’s Day. Ask them about their first romantic celebration dinner together, how they first knew they loved one another, and how they keep the magic after so many years together. You may learn something about your parents or in-laws that you never knew before!


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