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How to recharge your relationship over the weekend

Could your relationship use some zing? With packed schedules and little time for ourselves, let alone our partners, it is all too easy to let romance slide. But did you know you can recharge your relationship in just one weekend?

Couple DrinkingAll it takes is some quality together time. We’ve mapped out the whole weekend for you, so if you’ve got kids, send them to grandma’s house and recharge your relationship!


Jump start your romantic weekend with lunch together at an out-of-the-way café where you won’t run into any coworkers. Your secret rendevous is a prelude for lovely things to come!After work, meet for drinks at the bar of the fanciest hotel in town. Keep the conversation light — this night is not for working through the hard stuff. Pretend you are on your third date and flirt like crazy. If you can afford it, spend the night at the hotel. If not, head home for coffee and snuggling. Remember: no serious talk tonight.


Wake up early and have an adventure together. Do something active that neither of you have done before to get your hearts pumping — ice skating, zip lining, a sunrise hot air balloon ride; the possibilities are endless! The point is to experience the thrill of something new, together.For the next couple of hours, go somewhere quiet where you can talk. It can be a public place, and a picnic in the park would be a lovely backdrop for this next activity. Each take turns talking for a half hour, uninterrupted. The ground rules are as follows: no talking about the other person or your relationship, and no interrupting! When it’s your turn to talk, remember to talk only about yourself — you cannot respond to anything your partner said. In spending this time completely focuses on each other, you will learn to really hear what your partner is saying, and probably learn quite a bit about each other you didn’t know — no matter how long you’ve been together.

Saturday evening

This is an event night — but you’ll be spending it at home. Cook dinner together. Choose something with ingredients you like but a meal you’ve never made before. Again, sharing new experiences is a bonding ritual. Dress for dinner, like you would if you were going out for your anniversary. Linger over your meal, enjoying each other’s company. Leave the dishes for later — tonight is all about romance! Run a hot bubble bath and soak with your partner surrounded by candles and soft music. Afterwards, slip into some special lingerie and see what happens…


Recover from your love hangover with a long morning cuddle — prolonged physical contact fosters intimacy. Enjoy breakfast in bed and talk about the romantic experiences you’ve had so far during your weekend of love.Spend the afternoon enjoying luxury window shopping. Test drive that expensive sports car, try on that uber expensive diamond necklace, attend that open house in the super-exclusive neighborhood you drool over. Remind yourself of the financial goals you want to reach together. As two members of a relationship team, it is each of your responsibilities to support each other’s dreams. Use this exercise to segue into mapping out a plan to achieve those dreams.By late afternoon, you will probably have to pick the kids up from wherever you stashed them for the weekend. Enjoy a quiet family night, piled on the couch together watching movies and eating popcorn. Child-free? Make those movies R-rated!

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