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Fitness quiz: What’s your workout style?

When it comes to exercising, are you a gym gal or do you prefer alternative methods of getting fit? Take this quiz to find out your fitness style – then get tips tailored to the way you workout!

Woman Running in the Rain

You’re due to workout, but it’s pouring rain. What do you do?

A. Make a break for the gym. You can watch the rain fall as you log miles on the treadmill.
B. Throw on your wet-weather gear and dash outside. A little rain won’t hurt you!
C. Call up a friend and challenge her to a rainy run. You’re tough enough — but is she?
D. Pop in your favorite fitness DVD and do an impromptu cardio class in your living room.

What’s the one item you can’t exercise without?

A. Your gym card
B. Your sunglasses
C. Your digital watch/heart rate monitor
D. Your Blackberry (so you can check your e-mail while you workout, of course!)

Your ideal fitness-focused day would include…

A. That killer cardio class you’ve been dying to try, then a 60-minute massage.
B. A hike in the woods, then a picnic in the park.
C. A 10K road race early in the morning followed by a pancake breakfast with friends.
D. A long walk or run during your lunch break from work.

When it’s time to exercise, you’re usually found…

A. On the treadmill. You can blast away plenty of calories — and work your muscles — by running on the steepest incline.
B. On your bike. You love feeling the rush of the wind as you cycle along.
C. On the court, or field, or track. Wherever you can find some friendly competition, you’re game.
D. In your office. You’re the queen of multi-tasking and are known to get in an ab routine while on a conference call.

Now, tally up your answers to find out your workout style!

Mostly A’s: Gym Rat

Your friends joke that you live at the gym, but it’s kind of true: You do spend most of your spare time sweating it out at your favorite fitness facility. From sunrise spinning to late-night yoga, your calendar’s crammed with workout classes. And when you’re not in the studio? You’re hitting the elliptical and recumbent bike or swimming laps in the pool. Bored easily, you enjoy the variety your gym has to offer. And while others may gripe about those monthly membership fees, you have no complaints — you know your money is well spent! Looking for a new fitness venue? Here are tips on picking the perfect gym for you.

Mostly B’s: Outdoor Enthusiast

You’d take hiking in the woods over a walk on a treadmill any day. In fact, you’ve probably let your gym membership lapse because you were getting just as much of a workout trail running with your dog or playing Frisbee with friends in the park. Even in inclement weather you’d rather be outside, snowshoeing or skiing in the snow or going for a muddy run in the rain. Enjoy your fitness bond with nature — just be sure to protect your skin from sunburn and aging during outdoor workouts.

Mostly C’s: Competitve Queen

You live off the thrill of victory and totally thrive on competition. So it’s no wonder your weekends are usually filled with road races, triathlons or volleyball tournaments. A goal-setter, you’ve tailored your workouts to your race schedule and are always interested in comparing notes with others when it comes to training plans. Need another way to get the edge? For a killer workout that’ll get those competitive juices flowing, try interval training.

Mostly D’s: Busy Body

Whether you’re working fulltime or a fulltime mom, you’re a busy woman. Meaning you don’t have much time for the gym. So you do most of your workouts from home — and you prefer it that way. And why wouldn’t you? You can roll right from bed to your very own yoga or dance fitness studio. With a stacked collection of fitness DVDs and a plethora of fitness equipment, you enjoy the flexibility of getting fit in your own time — and on your own turf. And if you are looking for a few new items to make sure your home gym is stocked with all of the best, check out this list of low-cost fitness gear.

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