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25 Popular snacks: But how many calories?

Not everyone needs to snack. For some people – three square meals work fine. For others, snacking is a way of life. But, without some pre-planning, most snacks choices will keep you in a rut. Snacking healthy is a great way to maintain energy levels, manage hunger and prevent bingeing. To help motivate you to make healthier choices, let’s take a look at some popular snacks, the surprising amount of calories they have and some alternative ideas for healthier eating:

1. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with 8 ounce glass of milk — 555 calories. Instead try an apple with a bit of peanut butter for dipping.2. Bagel with cream cheese and juice — 510 calories. Instead, try a fiber enriched English muffin with a bit of sugar free jam.3. One slice of cheese pizza — 300 calories. Substitute pizza with a rice cake topped with mozzarella, cut up tomato and fresh basil.4. Yogurt smoothie — 390 calories. Instead, have a small can of vitamin packed vegetable juice.5. Peanut butter with a banana on toast – 390 calories. Better to skip the toast and peanut butter and just have the banana.6. Chili cheese fries — 619 calories. Munch on dried peas instead.7. Nachos with beans — 560 calories. Instead try about 10 blue organic corn chips with a small amount of hummus for dipping.8. Four ounces of trail mix with chocolate chips or M & M’s included — 582 calories. Instead eat a handful of grapes.9. Tuna salad on five crackers — 440 calories. Omit crackers and have a small can of tuna sprinkled with favorite seasoning.10. Granola bar with yogurt — 480 calories. Enjoy instead fat-free Greek yogurt sprinkled with granola and nix the high calorie granola bar.11. Hostess fruit pie — 480 calories. For a healthier substitute, eat several pieces your favorite variety of dried fruit.12. Nutter butter cream patties — 160 calories. Substitute with a handful of animal crackers.13. Small French fries — 230 calories. Have carrot sticks instead. Similar shape, but only a fraction of the calories.14. One good sized brownie — 450 calories. Instead, peruse health food store isle for healthier versions of sweet snacks. You’ll be amazed at what is available!15. Kit Kat bar – 218 calories. As an alternative, try their mini-version at only 40 calories.16. Root beer float – 270 calories. Instead make a low-cal version using sugar-free root beer and one scoop of sugar free vanilla ice cream for only 50 calories!17. Snickers chocolate bar — 280 calories. Have a bit-sized version for only 40 calories.18. One chocolate chip cookie — 80 calories. Try a low fat version. Small chocolate milk shake – 240 calories. Sub out with small glass of chocolate soy milk.19. Chips and salsa (15 chips) – 200 calories. Instead have a piece of whole grain crisp bread topped with low fat cottage cheese.20. One medium sized hotdog with fixings — 315 calories. If you’ve got to have the meat, enjoy a small beef jerky stick.21. Pepperoni Pizza Hot Pocket — 350 calories. Instead enjoy a bowl of low sodium soup.22. Muffins — averaged to large-sized muffins can range up to 500 calories each. If you can’t resist, choose a smaller sized whole grain or bran muffin.23. 16 ounce soda – 150 calories. Instead have 100 fruit juice or antioxidant rich Acai juice.24. Starbucks chocolate malt frappuccino with whipped cream — 610 calories. Instead, opt for a smaller version with low fat milk.25. One ounce of cheese puffs – 160 calories. Instead, enjoy munching on veggie-based chips.

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