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Top 5 Reasons to get away for a romantic holiday

Ditch your family during the holidays for a romantic getaway? Yes, why not?!? We believe that sometimes it’s okay to change up traditions and add in some spice every now and then. And when your family reads our top 5 reasons, we’re sure they’ll agree!

1. Holiday promotions

Getaway deals during the holidays are sometimes just too good to pass up. We suggest checking out sites like Expedia, Travelzoo, or Orbitz for some amazing holiday-getaway deals. And the best part is, while everyone else is with their families, you and your love can finally have the pool or beach all to yourselves.

2. No need for gifts

Instead of wasting money on things you really don’t need, why not put it towards good use for a fun week away? Odds are your guy has no idea what to get you anyway, so intercept his next bad purchase, and instead ask him for two roundtrip tickets to somewhere romantic.

3. Romance is in the air

If done right, the holidays can be the most romantic time of the year, so what better time then to steal away with the love of your life? No question, while family time is important, the holidays can also mean getting a chance to celebrate or rekindle your love and appreciation for each other.

4. Replenish your Vitamin D

It’s been awhile since you’ve probably seen much of the sun or enjoyed the benefits and happiness Vitamin D can bring. So, here’s your chance to spend some time replenishing what’s been lost since summertime, and perhaps even be able to store up enough to get you both through till spring.

5. Relax and restore for the New Year

Stealing away for a relaxing getaway definitely beats holiday crowds at the mall and traffic on the roads. Instead of getting lost in the busy hustle and bustle, take some time to enjoy the peace the holidays are meant to bring. Plus, it’s also an opportunity for you and your love to feel refreshed as you prepare to welcome in the New Year.

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