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Questioning the old-age bridal shower tradition

The only thing worse than a bridezilla is a “bridesmaidzilla” — what a pain she is!

Bridal ShowerHey, I’m not bitter that one of my best
friends is getting hitched (although I think she’s making a HUGE mistake by letting someone suck the life out of her at the age of 25), but I am annoyed at these constant bridal shower e-mails from
a certain someone. One after another, the e-mails are getting more and more intrusive. Don’t get me wrong, I want to be there for the bride and do all the things that would make her happy,
but what the f*** is a Wishing Well anyway? And, why do we need to give one to the bride at the bridal shower?

To top it all off, I’m even more irked at what’s going to go in this damn Wishing Well thing — a mop, a broom, Pledge, laundry detergent … Are you freaking kidding me? What is it, the 1950s and
we have to give the “little lady” cleaning products to keep her man’s home orderly? What’s next, a baby carriage? Why don’t we just assume that once a woman gets married, she’s expected
to stay home with the kids whether she likes it or not. Never mind the fact that she may want to have a career. What if she doesn’t want to have children at all? Ladies, if you didn’t
already know, you do have options.

As an independent and assertive female, I just have to flat-out refuse to contribute to this obviously offensive gesture of the Wishing Well. Although many women out there find this Wishing Well
hoopla to be quite cute, I think it’s bullshit. I’d rather give the bride something else. I urge you to refrain from giving household goods. For ideas of Wishing Well alternatives, consider giving
your friend one of these instead:

* fabulous affordable fashion from

* a great bottle of wine

* a subscription to Glamour

* something uber cute from

* a box of Godiva chocolate truffles

* a new collection of makeup from Benefit Cosmetics

* a glorious facial

* sexy lingerie

* spending money for the honeymoon

* a travel journal

I’ve said it, and I’ll say it again… Wishing Well — my ass!

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