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How to repel men

I’ve been single for a week now. I tested the single waters — went to a total pick-up bar with friends — to see what the pool has to offer. Sadly, I came up empty. What I realized along the way, however, is that a lot of men (albeit not “awesome” men) are interested in me. Maybe it’s the sad, rebounder look that I have going on. Or perhaps it’s just the fact that I’m petite. At either case, men were-a-coming. I decided to repel them — you know, just for fun. So if you’re trying to snag someone, you must avoid everything on this list. If you’re trying to lose someone, same difference. Read on!

Man and Woman at Bar

Keep Talking About Your Ex

It was quite easy for me to say “my exboyfriend this” and “my exboyfriend that.” After all, the sting of the bitter breakup was still alive and well in my memory. The suitor I was talking with waited until the third time I mentioned the dreaded ex before pretending to find friends in the mess of a crowd.

Keep Talking About Yourself

Guys are more in-tune with their sensitive and sensible side than you think. If you keep talking about yourself, it won’t be long until he realizes that you’re a selfish chick. If you’re interested in the fella’ (assuming he’s worthy), make it a point to ask him a question or two.

Never Smile

If you’re not having a good time and don’t care to, the boys in the room will stay away, no problem. If that’s what you want, then good for you. If you’re out and about and looking for a good date, force yourself to look happy. Men tend to stay away from the bitter girls who look miserable. Smile, make eye contact, and laugh.

Discuss Your Body-Image Issues

A man came up to you. Clearly, he’s interested. Talk about dieting or your weight, and he will beeline right out of the conversation. For some reason, self deprecation pisses guys off. They get turned off not only by your obsession with your body image, they realize you weren’t as cute as they first thought when they approached you. Keep up with appearances and showcase your confident self.


Whether you’re upset your food or drink hasn’t arrived, or you’re mad at your friend for ditching you, bringing up such things are not great ice breakers. Even if the suitor in question asks, refrain from bitching too much. Play it cool as if nothing bothers you. That way, he’ll think you’re way awesome. I mean, would you want to talk to a Debbie Downer? Of course not!

Be Uber Gorgeous

As odd as it sounds, most men are so intimidated by women, they will refrain from starting any conversation or approaching said hottie. We asked a handful of guys and they all pretty much said the same thing. Girls who look crazy hot are thought of as high maintenance or way out of their league. Thus, ladies, they stay away. If you’re going to a pick-up joint for a night out on the town, look pretty — sure — but try to remain as down to earth as possible.

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