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Get a jumpstart: How to energize your mornings

Do you dread mornings because dragging yourself out of bed is such a chore? Make the start of your day more tolerable – even enjoyable – with these five tips to get energized after you roll out of bed.

Get adequate sleep

Research shows that women notoriously suffer inadequate shut-eye. One or two nights of troubled sleep can zap your energy, while chronic insomnia can even start to negatively impact your physical and
mental health. To wake up bright-eyed and ready to face the day, aim for seven solid hours of sleep at night.

Energize your morning with exercise

Instead of dragging yourself from the bed to the couch to watch the morning news, head outside for an invigorating breath of fresh air and a brisk walk or jog. Getting your blood pumping will perk
you up and help you shake off fatigue. If an outdoor jaunt isn’t possible due to weather or other deterrents, consider exercise videos or stopping by the gym before going to work.

Eat a well-balanced breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a sure-fire way to feel flat all day. Combining protein and complex carbohydrates in a meal will keep your hunger at bay as well as give you the energy you need to get through
the morning. Studies also suggest that breakfast can keep you from overeating later in the day – and you know how lethargic you feel when you binge on a large meal. Pressed for time in the
morning? Take advantage of the tasty array of convenient heat and eat breakfast foods, such as toaster waffles, breakfast sandwiches, or ready-made omelets.

Aromatherapy to the rescue

The simple act of deep breathing can help you come alive on those mornings you’d rather crawl back in bed. Add the invigorating fragrance of an energizing essential oil, particularly spicy or
citrus scents, and you’ll be more than ready to start your day. Use a diffuser and release the energizing aroma of grapefruit, lemon, lime, ginger, basil, bergamot, frankincense, or mint.
You can buy single essential oils or ready-made blends designed to give you an instant – and natural – energy lift.

Give yourself a reason to boldly face the day

If your every day is all work and no play, no wonder you have no energy. Starting tomorrow, plan to do one thing that you truly enjoy a few times a week. Meet a friend for lunch or a workout, go
shopping, schedule a massage or pedicure, visit your favorite art gallery, buy a few exotic ingredients to cook a romantic dinner – simply having something fun to look forward to will renew
your energy and, best yet, nourish both your body and mind.

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