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Motivate your man

You can never really convince a man to change if he doesn’t want to. However, there are a few tricks to motivate him (wink wink.) Below are three ways to encourage your husband or boyfriend to become the partner of your dreams.

Lazy Boyfriend

1. Boost His Confidence

Staying motivated to accomplish any goal can be a struggle —especially if it is a difficult or long-term one – and it is easy for self-doubt to creep into his thoughts and whisper, “Why bother even trying?” Positive reinforcement has been shown to be a powerful tool of motivation, so it’s your job as your man’s super-supportive significant other to be his cheerleader and encourage him when he’s feeling low. The worst thing you could ever do is yell or nag, as it will only add to the negative thoughts circling around his head. Instead, go out of your way to find something related to his goal to praise him for. For example, if you want to motivate him to become more organized, complimenting him on straightening up his sock drawer is more productive than pointing out that his closet is still a mess.

2. Let Him Think It Was His Idea

Men do not like to be told what to do. Therefore, it goes to reason that leaving him a to-do list will only make him rebel and not do anything at all, or at the very least, cause his skin to bristle. However, by using a little reverse psychology, you can make sure the job gets done while still allowing his ego to remain in tact. Instead of asking him to spackle the hole in the wall, try asking what he thinks you should do about the hole in the wall. Not only does this give him a chance to explain something to you (something men love), but gives him an opportunity to be your knight in shining armor by volunteering to fix it for you.

3. Lead By Example

To spark your partner’s motivation to do something, there is nothing more inspirational than letting him see you do it. For example, if you want him to lose weight, offer to go jogging with him every morning or follow the same low carb diet. Not only will you help him achieve his goal by giving him a sense of camaraderie, but by working towards a mutual goal, you will grow even closer together as a couple.

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