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27 Things every woman should know about sex

22. Props are your friends

Vibrators, fun feathers, unusually-shaped pillows — you name it, someone has probably patented it. At the very least, these tools will make you laugh, which can be its own turn-on.

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23. Sex is how he shows love

It’s an age-old problem: We gals need to feel cozy and loving to want to have sex, and guys need to have sex to access those cozy and loving feelings. “A lot of guys don’t have many outlets for communication, and for them sex is a powerful form of emotional expression,” says Kerner. Remember that the next time he wants to have make-up sex before you’ve really made up — to him, sex is a peace offering and a gift of love, all in one.

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24. No matter how badly you want to cuddle and fall asleep, you gotta get up and pee after sex

Why? So you don’t get a urinary tract infection.

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25. He’ll be snoring by the time you return from the bathroom

The buildup to his ejaculation involves a lot of muscular tension, explains Kerner. When the wave has subsided, he relaxes and sleep-inducing hormones are released. In short, he can’t help it.

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26. It’s okay to simply take

Consider how you feel when you perform a one-way act on your guy — you get a certain pleasure out of that, right? Don’t deny him the same joy.

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27. Sex gets better with age

(or practice, or time with one partner, or all of the above). The future is looking bright!

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