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27 Things every woman should know about sex

8. You need transition time into sex

Look at all the people who want a piece of you — your kid, your client, the guy who’s supposed to be renovating your kitchen. So don’t expect to make the leap from corporate exec or general contractor or mommy-on-the-spot to sex goddess without a little time to reassemble yourself. When you’re done with the dinner dishes, take a shower — alone! — or read a book. Better yet, get your guy to do the dishes. After that, you might want to give him some action, after all.

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9. The more sex you have, the more you want

It’s simple — delicious recent memories make you want to reenact the fun. But the reverse is also often true — if you go too long without, you forget how much you like it.

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10. Masturbating isn’t just for dry spells

First of all, it’s plain fun, and second, when was the last time you disappointed yourself? Not to mention the fact that more frequent orgasms will keep you craving partner play, too (see above).

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11. Worrying about your orgasm is the best way to chase it away

When your mind is roiling, it’s not happening…concentrate…he’ll think he failed…what’s wrong with me? Focus on the lovely physical sensations instead and soon you won’t be able to think straight — in a good way.

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12. Planned sex can be even better than spontaneous sex

Anticipation as foreplay. Think about it.

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13. Yes, you can give him a hand

Touching yourself to speed up your happy ending is not only allowed, it’s appreciated, especially when your guy has had his neck in an awkward position for the better part of an hour.

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14. He doesn’t need you to know any fancy techniques

“There are many paths to male orgasm,” says Kerner. As long as you pay attention to his reactions, refrain from inflicting pain (unless invited to) and don’t do anything involving teeth (again, unless he asks), you won’t hear any complaints.

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15. Sometimes what your body lusts for most is sleep

An “off” night or a dry spell doesn’t mean your relationship is tanking. It usually means you have children or a demanding job or you need to be alone in your head. Go ahead, take the night off.

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