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A tale of speed dating

Four girls embarked on an evening of speed dating hoping they’d find a man or two to have something in common with. At the end of the night, everyone came up empty: Dateless, no immediate love prospects, and out $30. Regardless, Radhika Buch said she would do it again, no problem.

Alarm Clock with HeartSo how did it go, you ask? You must be wondering why Radhika wouldn’t mind embarking on the speed-dating journey again despite not having found what she was looking for. Here’s what she had to say…

What were the guys like?

Radhika was able to talk to 16 guys. “There were some super-smart guys — some graduated from MIT, Harvard, Stanford,” she explains. But that wasn’t enough for the 28-year-old single school teacher, who claims to want a brainy guy with a great educational background. “Some guys lacked looks, the others lacked enthusiasm,” she recalls.

What were the conversations like?

“They asked the basics, really,” she points out. Radhika said speed-dating, though boiled down to minutes per person, really felt like any ordinary date. You talk about the basics: what do you do, where do you live, where are you from, etc. It’s good to go on a speed-dating venture if not to get used to talking to people if you’re new to the dating scene or just never got used to it. It’s one great way to really get you out there and comfortable talking about yourself and finding out more about others.

Why was it worth it?

Radhika and her friends had a good time. “We got to eat some yummy appetizers,” she explains saying the $30 fee for the event was worth it. Although Radhika and friends had to pay for their own drinks, the stories they took with them after the event’s end made the trip as valuable as they had expected. Not only was the outing well-organized (girls sit and boys rotate), the specimen abound gave them chuckles and tales. “There were a couple of guys who were greasy and had dirty hair,” which made Radhika and her friends laugh, she says. “And one was harboring same-sex tendencies,” she blurts out. “We just got this vibe!” Plus, there was a low-talker reminiscent of a very funny Seinfeld episode. “You could barely hear him, so every question was, ‘What did you say?'” He definitely didn’t get his money’s worth. He should stick to online dating, her friend suggests.

What’s the experience like overall?

“I tried speed dating because I wanted to knock out the online dating aspect of first e-mailing, then calling,” she explains. “This way, it’s just wham-bam, first impressions, meet the person, go on a date.” It sounds good in theory, say Radhika and friends. “I didn’t meet anyone, but that was just the luck of the draw,” she adds. At the end of the day when you’re speed dating, you choose whether or not to see someone you met based on your first impression. It’s very much like being out there on the market or going on a first date. It’s a little uncomfortable at times, but when you click, you just know. And although Radhika didn’t click this time around, the optimistic-dater knows there are plenty of fish in the sea. We wish her luck for her next speed-dating session!

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