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Top 15 places to meet men

You always hear that you have to “put yourself out there” when you’re single, but no one is ever specific about where exactly “out there” is. Below are 15 places to check out on your mission to meet men.

Places to meet men:

1. The office: There’s no better place than the office to meet single, successful men with similar interests (and who’ve already been prescreened for you by HR and your co-workers.)


2. Gym: Hot guys with toned bodies, need we say more?

3. Bars with Manly Decor: Specifically, bars that serve beer and hard liquor, have large-screen tvs, play loud music, don’t mind if you throw peanuts on the floor, and/or who have bartenders who roll their eyes if you try to order a cosmo should all be on your radar.

4. Volunteer Organizations: Not a fan of the typical pickup scene? Volunteering is a great way to meet men who care about others (and possibly you.)

5. Sports Leagues: Men love recreational sports like women love shopping. Young, fresh from college guys flock to contact sports, whereas older men are drawn to the golf course.

6. Jury Duty: Don’t shirk your civic duty next time you receive a summons in the mail; you might just find yourself surrounded by a pool of good-looking men who’ve nothing to do but chat you up.

7. Laundromat: The laundromat is another great place to meet an idling hottie while you both wait for your clothes to dry.

8. Church/Synagogue: Many churches and synagogues sponsor singles groups, making them the perfect place to meet someone with whom you share a similar value system and upbringing.

9. Building/neighborhood associations: Because long distance relationships are so 2006.

10. The beach: He’s hot, you’re sweating, the weather is scorching, and you’re both wearing little to no clothing….

11. Museums: If you’re looking for a little intellectual stimulation, cultural institutions are your best bet for meeting men who give great conversation.

12. Hotel Bars: They may or may not be looking for a commitment, but hotel bars are prime spots to meet business executives and other successful suit-types looking to kill some time while they’re in town.

13. Public Transportation: Face it; you’re not going to meet anyone sitting in your car.

14. Meetup Groups: While online dating may be the players’ paradise, Meetup groups ( are different. Meetup allows you to connect with people offline with similar interests, making it a low-pressure way to find new friends (platonic or otherwise.)

15. A Reality Show: When all else fails, try out for The Bachelorette and have the men come to you!

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