Trust your intuition in work, relationships and health

Sep 29, 2008 at 3:00 a.m. ET

Women take to intuition like a fish in water. It is our natural state of being. Our instinctive knowing of what is logical, practical and common sense is in large part derived from our intuition. Women's innate ability to multi-task, which includes juggling career, relationships, children and laundry often at the same time, speaks to our proficiency in nonlinear thinking.

Woman in Thought
Intuition is the ability to know something without knowing how we know and the spontaneous awareness of another's thoughts, feelings, and well being. It is in a way a relationship with energy, our energy, the energy of others and the energy of our environment. Intuition comes so naturally to most women that we often dismiss and take for granted our insights and subtle but ever present extrasensory perception. We typically receive energy information in four basic ways. It may be that our innate intuition surfaces through emotions, which is commonly call empathy, through our thoughts, often referred to as telepathy, through our bodies, our gut feelings and through our dreams, visions and inner sensing. By becoming more aware of our innate intuition we can better harness and use it for our highest good. Knowing our "psychic type" increases our self trust and inspires us to have more confidence in our decision making. It can also reveal to us information that we might typically ignore. Whatever we give energy and attention to expands. We can better utilize our innate inner knowing by simply paying more attention to it.
For instance in our relationships, our intuition can help us to understand another's feelings, gain emotional perspective and possibly make known a hidden agenda. Despite her immediate attraction to Jason, Kelli was reluctant to date him. A few weeks later her intuitive caution was verified when she found out that he was in a relationship with another woman. At work our intuition can signal us as to the best time to approach a supervisor about a pay increase or a promotion. It can almost magically steer us in the direction of meaningful career choices and encourage our latent talents. My friend Donna told me that even though she was a successful attorney she always had an intuitive sense that she could be a successful writer. She took the leap last year and now has a fantasy novel due to be published this year. Often our intuition will surface in dreams. Tara woke one early morning before 5:00 am. She was startled by a dream she had of her mother who had died a few years earlier. Although the dream was a little fuzzy there was no mistaking her mother's persistent message that she go to the doctor. Tara had been having an ache in her abdomen for a few weeks but had dismissed it as indigestion.  Because of the force of the dream she made an appointment that day and was seem by her physician later that week. The doctor didn't hesitate with his diagnosis. Her appendix was about to rupture and she had come in to got it checked out just in time.  Like diamonds, the glowing jewel of our intuition might be a girl's (quiet but ever present) best friend.