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What not to do at a bachelorette party

And story goes, “We started out the night as any other girls night out. The girls gathered for some snacks, laughs and pre-gaming. For the special occasion, we booked a hotel room on the Lower East Side in Manhattan, which is conveniently located near the spot we were planning to have dinner at — the clubs and bars of our choice were all in our girls night out radius.” But things started to go wrong…

girls at a bachelorette party gone wrong

“…All we wanted was for the bride to have a blast on her last nights out as a bachelorette. What came later was not so fabulous.” To prevent a bachelorette party gone wrong, make sure you take these 8 rules to heart. 

What Not to Do at a Bachelorette Party

Choose your food wisely

Don’t go to an all you can eat and drink sushi joint. While you are getting a bang for your buck by going to a Japanese buffet, what may result later is detrimental. After all, you get what you pay for and no bridesmaid wants to buy her way into a food-born illness.

Pick your drink, and you’re stickin’ to it

Don’t have more too many sake bombs. Beer mixed with rice wine: Only good when taken in small doses. Some of the girls in your party may be lightweights and are not use to mixing and matching alcoholic beverages — so take it easy when it comes mixing.

Think, a little, about the consequences

Don’t go to the party with the mission to “get drunk.” You’ll accomplished that feat alright. The only snag: you’ll likely experience urges contrary to swallowing at one of the bars, in public. At that point, the party will be over for everyone.

Cut off communication

Don’t let the bride talk to the groom unless she’s sober or a happy drunk. Alcohol has different effects on various individuals. Some get giddy. Some get angry. If the bride is the latter, keep her away from her mobile. No one wants to deal with bumps in the relationship road, right before the wedding ceremony.

Girls only means girls only

Don’t invite any boys back to the hotel room. Whether it’s your boyfriend, husband or some random guy at the bar, please please please don’t bring any boys back to the party room. Not only is that disrespectful to the other bridesmaids at the bachelorette party, the focus should be on the bride – not on you and your one night stand.

Spend more where its needed

Don’t stay at a sinister hotel. Again, you get what you pay for. Since every gal is going to have budget, focus more on finding a happy medium than the ultimate bargain. You don’t have to stay at a five-star resort, but you also don’t have to be so cheap you can’t garuntee the sheets were cleaned. Remember, this isn’t just any ol’ girls night out.

Remember that the main goal is to have fun

Don’t forget to do your nightly recap. The whole point of this bachelorette fiasco was to have fun and the best way to do that is recap all the crazy, hilarious events of the night. Really, who could pass up a recap with the girls over breakfast? Chances are you’ll find yourself saying, “oh my gosh, I totally forgot that happened!” And, you’ll get a good kick out of it as you rehydrate and gear up for the wedding reception adventures.

Leave “Debbie Downer” at home

Don’t be a party pooper– you’ll not only bum out the bride but the other guests too. This is the type of night you can’t pass up. Almost-always, it’s slamming good time. And if it isn’t, trust us, you’ll laugh about it later. It’s your friend’s last hoorah – how could you miss it?

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