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Super sexy ways to slim down, shape up and build confidence

Forget treadmills and elliptical machines! From strip-tease aerobics to pole dance fitness, there are some super sexy ways to get slim and build up confidence in your body. Here’s more info about three of the hottest workouts around!

Pole Dancing Exercise

Hit the pole

There’s nothing like sliding up and down a slim metal pole to work up a sweat! Pole dancing workouts, which build strength, balance and flexibility, is one of the hottest fitness crazes around. With one session burning up to 400 calories an hour, it’s no wonder, then, that more and more gyms are offering pole dance classes and such celebs as Kate Hudson, Teri Hatcher and Kate Moss have all jumped on the trend. Moves like backbends, kicks and slides work your abs, thighs, glutes and legs.

Work up a sweat with a striptease

For a lower-impact – but just as sexy – exercise, try a striptease workout. This activity features just as many sexy moves as pole dancing, but without having to hoist yourself onto a pole. Popularized by Sheila Kelley’s S Factor (which gained mega buzz after appearing on Oprah), many gyms and dance studios are adding striptease to their class schedule. You’ll strut your stuff with hip thrusts, body rolls and sultry dance routines that’ll elevate your heart rate and work up a sexy sweat. And if you’re modest? Don’t worry. Pounds and inches – not clothes – are the only thing coming off your body in these classes! If stripteasing at the gym isn’t your thing, try an at-home workout with DVDs from S Factor or Urban Striptease.

Shake and sweat with belly dancing

Say buh-bye to your belly and other jiggly parts through this ancient dance form of art. A typical hour-long class can burn 300 calories and works your core muscles as well as hundreds of other muscles as you sway, shimmy and shake to the pulsating music. And if you’re pregnant, belly dancing is a great way to stay active without hitting the gym – the movements perfect your breathing techniques and work the ab and pelvic muscles crucial for a healthy (and speedier) labor and delivery.

So if you’re ready for your sultry slimdown, visit your gym or local fitness center to find a session near you.

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