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Is he into you?

Decode the guy you’re dating by taking this quiz.

Young CoupleYou’ve been dating this guy for a couple of months now and you’re having trouble deciphering if he’s into you, not interested or still trying to figure things out. While many factors come into play when it comes to romance, there are some surefire ways to tell where this relationship may lead. Take this quiz to figure out how into you this suitor is. And hopefully you feel the same way. Good luck!

1. On your first date, the guy you’re seeing took you to:

a. Dinner followed by a moonlit strollb. Grab a cup of coffeec. His apartment for some bedroom fun

2. How often does the guy you’re seeing call you?

a. Twice a dayb. He texts me all day long — does that count?c. I usually call him

3. On your last date night out, your guy wore this type of footwear:

a. Black leather Kenneth Cole shoesb. A pair of casual yet nice shoesc. A dirty pair of sneakers

4. If you asked the man in question to have dinner with you and your folks, he’d likely say:

a. “I’m so excited — I’ve been looking forward to meeting them.”b. “Sure, that might be nice.”c. “Are you kidding?”

5. After dinner, your date brings you back to your apartment. He:

a. Tells you he’s never met a girl like you before and can’t wait to see you againb. Tells you what a great time he had and suggests you two must do it again soonc. Drops you off after attempting to come in for a cup of coffee

6. It’s your birthday. What do you think the guy you’re dating opts to give you?

a. Jewelryb. A book you once said you’ve been meaning to check outc. Nothing — you’re not quite at that level yet

7. What’s the next date you and your current crush have planned on?

a. A weekend getawayb. Dinner and a moviec. Not sure — he hasn’t asked

8. What’s your guy’s term of endearment for you at the moment?

a. My loveb. Sweetiec. Hey You

9. What types of signals are you giving him?

a. I’m definitely hinting at exclusivityb. A kiss after every date and a little flirting here and therec. I’ve been iffy so I’m playing it cool until I decide

10. Before you see your guy, how does your stomach feel?

a. I have the butterflies every timeb. A little nervous — he’s so cutec. Absolute dread

Mostly As

He Wants to Make You His GF

Holy cow, you have yourself a winner (if you reciprocate the love sentiment, that is). This guy you’re dating is obviously into you. Now it’s time to move onto that next phase: A real relationship. He’s been dying to meet your parents, call his lady to the world, and wants to spend a lot of time with you. If you feel the same way, fabulous! It’s time to make the world jealous with your newfound romance.

Mostly Bs

He’s Still Feeling You Out

A relationship with the guy in question can go either way. He seems like a nice enough guy, but you’re still unsure about him. Odds are he’s still feeling you out, too. And that’s okay. Keep at it and see where it goes. He may be your next boyfriend or he may just become a friend. Make sure you’re both on the same page before making any sudden moves. Good luck!

Mostly Cs

He’s Just Not That Into You

Girl, get over him. Stop wasting your time with this dud. Instead, go out with your girlfriends and find a new hottie to date. Clearly this guy has no interest in making you his girlfriend. He’s either killing time until his finds someone else or just wants to get you into bed. Wise up and move on.

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