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Breakups happen. Everyone’s been through one at some point or another. As hard as it is to get over a failed love, it’s sometimes even harder to figure out when it’s time for you to move on to someone else. It wouldn’t be fair to your next boyfriend if you jump in and regret it. But how can you tell you’re ready to date again? Should you date now or should you wait? When will you be ready? If you’re not sure, take this quiz to figure out your next step to dating.
Thinking Woman

1. How long ago did your last relationship end?

  a. Over a year ago

    b. 3-12 months ago

    c. Less than 3 months

2. If you see your ex out at a bar, what do you do?

I pay no attention to him and go in with my business.

    b. I parade in front of him looking as sexy as can be, but don’t talk to him.

    c. I go up to him to see if we can rekindle the flame that burned after our breakup.

3. What are your reasons for dating?

    a. I’ve been single for a long time now and I think it’s time to see if there’s anyone out there I can make a connection with.

    b. It’s what people do when they’re single. Plus, it would be nice to not have to pay for my own dinner.

    c. I feel like I have this empty hole in my heart to fill. I just want to feel loved.

4. You discover that your last ex is going out with that hottie from his gym. How do you feel about that?

    a. I don’t really care too much, except that I feel sorry for the girl

It makes me a little uncomfortable, but such is life

    c. I’m so mad and bitter, I’m plotting to slash the girl’s tires

5. What’s your criteria for potential suitors?

    a. He has to be cute, funny, sweet and want the same things I do.

    b. He has to be hot and fun.

Is he breathing?

6. Lately, you’ve been spending your Friday nights:

    a. Going out dancing with my girlfriends – no boys allowed

    b. Coffee nights solo or with friends at the local cafe

    c. Home or out, I drink anything from martinis to coke and rum

7. When it comes to breakups and make-ups, which of these femme celebs do you identify with the most?

    a. Lauren Conrad

    b. Jennifer Aniston

    c. Britney Spears

8. Who’s your celebrity dream date?

    a. Michael Phelps

    b. Nick Lachey

    c. Spencer Pratt

9. You always had a crush on your ex’s best friend. You run into him at a bookstore and he asks you out. What do you do?

    a. Now, that’s just wrong! I say no and toss a dirty look his way. Isn’t there some guy code or something?

    b. I flirt with him – after all, he is hot. I’ll need a day or two to think about whether I should go out with him on a date.

    c. Duh – I go out with him. That way, he can report back to my ex how awesome I am and how I’m so over him.

10. What do you see in your near future?

A meaningful relationship that makes me feel all the warm fuzzies

    b. Who knows – I’m just playing it by ear

    c. Love and marriage, please, as soon as possible

Mostly As

Get out there and date, soldier!
You’ve been single for awhile now, and it’s time for you to put yourself out there for the most awesome guy ever. He may be right under your nose – that guy you always see at the coffee shop, perhaps? – or maybe you’ll find him online. No matter the means, we’re sure you’re ready to date. You have a good head on your shoulders, you know what you want, and you make excellent choices when it comes to love. Go you!

Mostly Bs

Give yourself a couple more months.
Whether you just got out of a rocky relationship or have been solo for quite some time now, give yourself just a couple more months. Do some self reflection – figure out what you want out of your next relationship. After you define what you’re looking for, then go out into the dating pool. Once you have the appropriate criteria for dates, you’ll save yourself the trouble of dating a bunch of Mr. Wrongs, and instead, meet some really cool guys who are (if not close) to Mr. Right.

Mostly Cs

Get off the field and focus on yourself.
Hold on, girlfriend. You need some time – and by “some time,” we mean months (maybe even a year). You’re nowhere near ready. Clearly, you’re not over your ex just yet. In fact, you’re still plotting to win him back or sabotage his next relationship. How about instead of thinking about what’s-his-face, focus on you. Don’t think about your future relationship fate though. Get to know yourself a little bit better before you decide what you want out of love. Good luck!


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