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Game night for couples

You and your partner, no doubt, love each other. But sometimes, sex can get monotonous. After all, you’re at the point where you’re so comfortable with each other, you either think, “what haven’t we done” or “I’m too lazy to ask.” That’s when you know it’s time to incorporate these fun-filled bedroom games into lovemaking. You and your partner will benefit, trust me. Read on for some sexual, sensual fun.

Sexy Dice


The Gist: Play this sensual board game for lovers by moving throughout the board as you reveal sexually intimate thoughts and feelings. Embrace also forces couples to
perform erotic challenges with one another such as “Blindfold your partner and lick them all over” or sweet acts like “Put on a romantic song and slow-dance to it.”

Love Quotient: Embrace will lead to more love, some lust, and a better relationship for sure. This game sheds inhibitions and creates some romantic moments that you and
your partner may not think of or have time for day to day.

Where to Get It:
Visit for stores

52 Weeks of Romance52 Weeks of Romance

The Gist: Romance is the name of the game, and scratch and sniff is how you and your partner get to the intimacy. That sounds weird, I know. But this game is really fun
full of lovely ideas for a year.

Love Quotient: Each card holds a surprise activity or suggestion. It’s the easiest way to ask for and receive romantic fun, to top it all off. You can incorporate
them into the relationship long after the game is over for a healthy, more secure, and living partnership.

Where to Get It: $15.50 at

Kama Sutra Board GameThe Kama Sutra Board Game

The Gist: This game clearly has love making written all over it. It has transformed the thousand-year-old Kama Sutra into an interactive game for lovers to play. Players
roll the dice and move throughout the board game, traveling different paths, and communicating, sharing and performing activities with sexual position cards.

Love Quotient: I don’t know about love necessarily, but this game will sure spice up your bedroom behaviors. You and your partner will get to try new, fun things
during your love making, and the best part is, that awkwardness of “asking for things” will be minimized – the game is asking, really.

Where to Get It: $24.50 at

Pillow TalkPillow Talk

The Gist: This game is all about personal growth. Partners initiate and inspire one another to reveal secrets while learning more about themselves and each other.

Love Quotient: You and your partner can have pillow talk every night, sure, but you may not necessarily be making the most out of it. This sensual relationship game will
help you and your other half resolve some personal and relationship issues like jealousy, money, and insecurity.

Where to Get It: Visit for stores

Dirty DiceDirty Dice

The Gist: If you and your partner are too lazy to set up a board game to get dwn to the sexual fun, these Dirty Dice has your name written all over it. Just roll the dice
and engage after a body part and verb is revealed.

Love Quotient: Spicing up your bedroom fun can really bring you and your partner closer together. With these dice, you’ll laugh in bed or discover acts you never
thought you’d like. Use the tool as foreplay for better sex and enhance your communication.

Where to Get It: $8 at

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