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You can make over your man

Sure he’s hot, but he may need help with his style/manners/mojo. Here’s a game plan to nix his noxious habits.

Man that Needs a Makeover
No matter how smokin’ your guy is, you can always find room for some “home” improvement. Fantasized about updating his duds or just introducing him to non-aerosol cheese? Of course, the problem is, “if you’re constantly on his case to change, he might rebel by clinging even more closely to his old habits,” explains New York City psychotherapist Jane Greer, Ph.D., author of How Could You Do This to Me? So, here’s the trick: Upgrade your guy in sneaky, no-fuss ways that he either doesn’t even notice or takes credit for himself.Read on for your biggest man probs — and clever ways to fix ’em.

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