Dating deal breakers (revisited)

Dating deal breakers are those intolerable characteristics or behaviors in a man that are immediate cause for dumping him. Below we examine seven common deal breakers to determine whether it’s wise to get over your hang-ups or tell him to beat it.


The Chronically Late Guy

Why it’s a deal breaker: A man who is consistently late, regardless of any explanation, is subliminally sending the message that he doesn’t care enough about seeing you to show up on time — a clear sign that he isn’t worth yours.
Verdict: Move On. The general thought in job interviews is that if the applicant is late, he’s automatically out of the running to be hired. The same rule should apply to your love life.

The Petite Prince

Why it’s a deal breaker: As women, it’s natural to want to feel protected and when the guy you’re dating is shorter (or gasp, smaller) than you, it’s hard to imagine how he’s going to successfully defend your honor against that muscle-head making cat-calls in the bar. It’s also worth noting that your enthusiasm for your favorite 4-inch Siegerson Morrisons may wane if they cause you to loom over your beloved. (And every one knows that flats just don’t make your legs look the same.)
Verdict: Rethink. Tom Cruise has never let his height get in the way of saving the world or dating tall, buxom beauties; his confidence, success, and classic good-looks supercedes his 5’7 stature. It will be obvious fairly quickly if a guy is intimidated by your height, so any weenies will automatically weed themselves out. Besides, kitten heels can be just as sexy at platforms.

The Mama’s Boy

Why it’s a deal breaker: After a hot date, he invites you in for coffee…and his parents join you.
Verdict: Move On. Although Kate Hudson successfully worked her magic on Matthew McConaughey in Failure to Launch, we say wait before becoming involved until after he’s moved out and on his own. Otherwise, you risk ending up frustrated and disappointed if his plans don’t pan out. And it’d be a mistake to allow him to move in with you (because he just might never move out.)

The Wooly Mammoth

Why it’s a deal breaker: Although manscaping has become a card-carrying member of American lexicon, sadly, not all men have hopped on board the waxing/trimming/shaving train. While facial hair on men is sexy, there’s just something not all together right about running your hand down his back through a forest of hair.
Verdict: We say rethink this one. Most men desperately want to look attractive, so perhaps a little encouragement and reassurance may be all that’s required to have any offending hair waxed off. There are also a lot of men’s salons opening up, such as Nickel in New York and Sir Spa in Chicago to entice men who might be afraid of the pink and lavender spa experience.

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