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A sales approach to dating

I was in the dating pool for about three years. From freaks to geeks, from good guys to awful boys, I’ve been there and done that. My dating escapades started out casual, sometimes even silly, and by the end of it, I realized something: Dating is a business. You need to have a strategy in order to put your best foot forward. Go into it without a plan, and you’ll just find yourself going out with random people aimlessly without purpose.

SaleswomanFor starters, incorporate a sales approach to dating. After all, you are selling yourself in a way. I asked a friend who works in sales for her approach to B2B and then I added my little dating spin. Maybe these principles will help you land a boyfriend. When we communicate effectively, we succeed.You are a commodity, so tell your dates (subtly) what you have to offer. If they know what they’re getting into, they can make informed decisions on whether it’s right for them. After you assess your needs and find that your date meets them, then you have success! Be honest — all you have is your reputation. There is not a single sale you will ever make that will change your life.You can put up the best front: You’re the coolest chick around and are cool with your man having a lot of freedom. But when you become a couple, you change. You’re no longer as “hip” as he once thought. What will result is a breakup. He’s going to soon realize you’re not what he was looking for. It’s difficult to provide value until you know what the customer wants or needs.Some women want to be in relationships so bad that they’ll jump into a relationship without caution. Before you do so, please assess the situation. Is he who you want? Does he meet your needs? Until you know those factors, don’t label him a boyfriend. Make sure he’s who you should be with. Be aggressive, not in the sense of being pushy or closing hard, but in terms of being on top of the game plan.If you’re going to be shy, unsure, or wishy-washy, just get out of the game right now. Not only will you be wasting your time, you’ll be wasting other people’s — and that’s just not right. If you are ready to date, be assertive and go after your crush. If you find yourself on a date, like the guy, but are to afraid to make a move, ask yourself, “Do I want him bad enough?” If the answer is yes, then just go for it — you’ve got nothing to lose. If you’re not as interested as you thought, then move on. Providing solutions too soon leads to customer objections.Here’s the scenario: You meet a guy, he’s everything you’ve been looking for, and ask him to be exclusive after a couple of dates … Are you crazy? Doing this, will just lead to rejection. Don’t rush a sensitive situation — you can scare that guy off. He may think you’re just relationship-starved, a loser with no other options, or just plain nuts. Only propose exclusivity when you know he will reciprocate commitment. Closing is simple if you know how to earn it.If you’ve followed the tips set forth, you’ve earned this deal. It’s time to close. Closing, of course, is getting him to commit to an exclusive relationship whereby you both stop dating other people. Not rushing things, assessing the situation, and getting to know each other patiently can lead you to that long, significant relationship, not the hook-up with a shady fellow.

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