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52 Super Easy (& Totally Inexpensive) Ways to De-Stress

Painting nails

27. Have an at-home spa day, with a DIY mani and pedi, all by your lonesome.

28. Sit in silence for 20 minutes.

29. Try a new, alternative workout class at the gym — PiYo, pole dancing or roping, to name a few.

30. Write a positive affirmation and stick it on your mirror for one week.

31. Create a vision board of where you would like to be in one year, five years and 10.

32. Run around and play outside with your kids or pets, without any time constraints.

33. Write out a plan for one looming task for the week, whether it’s a new work schedule, workout plan or menu plan for the family.

34. Smell a relaxing scent, like a calming basil or chamomile essential oil or candle.

35. Spray lavender essential oil on your pillow before you go to sleep.

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36. Pack a bunch of healthy snacks to keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout your workday.

37. Turn off your phone and silence your email alerts for an entire afternoon.

38. Do a full Sun Salutation cycle when you wake up to start the day.

39. Eat one piece of dark chocolate, and enjoy every bite.

40. Plan a special treat or reward (that only mean something to you) to look forward to at the end of a long day.

41. Draw freehand or spend a few hours doodling in an adult coloring book.

42. Practice staying present for one hour — focusing on each sense in succession: sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.

43. Give someone you love a hug and hold on a little longer.

44. Practice that hobby you’ve been neglecting — painting, piano or learning French.

45. Sign up for a free workshop or class at a local community center.

46. Spend some time browsing travel deals and book a nearby weekend getaway you can look forward to all month long.

47. Talk to your boss about that work problem that’s been bugging you and try to come up with a workable solution.

48. Eat lunch picnic-style at a local park, if the weather permits. (And bring some cheese and sparkling water or wine.)

49. Walk through a new neighborhood in your town that you’ve never visited before.

50. Bake cookies from scratch.

51. Go see that movie you’ve been dying to see — alone!

52. Set the timer on your phone so that you don’t miss the sunset, and watch it without any interruptions.

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