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Boyfriend bragging rights

Nearly two years into our relationship, my boyfriend still tells me I’m beautiful, pretty, stunning (some form of the compliment) almost every day. Sigh! And when he knows I’m going to spend a day or two (or more) at his apartment, he makes sure his kitchen is -œBrie-friendly,- stocking it with all my favorite foods – white bread, grape jelly, regular Pepsi. FYI, Jason prefers whole wheat, strawberry jam and Diet Coke. Be still my heart, my boyfriend is the greatest.

Happy Couple
The other day I was sitting alone at a coffee shop doing some work on my trusty laptop when my routine was interrupted by a gaggle of girls. It was like complaint central — (annoying) girls saying what their boyfriends do that drive them insane. Sure, I have moments like those too, but for once, let’s take a moment to visit all the wonderful things that our boyfriends do — you know, those things that, when added to those other complaints, make all the difference.

“You’re Beautiful”

“My boyfriend will randomly and jokingly break out in the chorus of James Blunt’s ‘You’re Beautiful’ every now and then,” shares Jennifer Merritt. “I once asked why and he said because it reminds him of me.” Although Jennifer doesn’t care much for that song (and neither does her boyfriend, Jay), but whenever he sings it she can’t help but feel a little special, if not cheesy.

Cooking with Cheese

After answering our boyfriend-bragging question, Jacki Garfinkel quickly realized how super-cheesy she sounds. But hey, if her boyfriend can make her feel this way, it’s got to be love. “My boyfriend Andrew is one of the greatest home cooks, and, coming from a girl who still thinks you make grilled cheese in a microwave, this is huge!” explains Jacki. When she’s sick, her boyfriend makes her soup. And if she has a bad day, he’ll say, “Tell me what you want for dinner. I’ll make you anything you want!” “My favorite memory of Andrew cooking for me was for our anniversary. We met in college, and while there, we’d often get takeout from this one Mexican restaurant. I’d get quesadillas, he’d get a burrito, and we’d split fried calamari and chipotle mayo sauce,” she recalls. “So, for our anniversary, Andrew surprised me with a meal reminiscent of that one. He kicked it up a notch by turning my plain old cheese quesadillas into lobster quesadillas. But, even more importantly, he had called the Mexican restaurant to get their recipe for their calamari and sauce, and he recreated it perfectly in our dining room! It was the best and most romantic meal ever!”

Late But Worth It

For soon-to-be married Vivienne Halili and Alan Mendoza, food plays a big role in their relationship, too. “There’s this dumpling house that we went to once and they were selling these funny T-shirts with a little dumpling guy in the front. I had commented that I wanted one when we were eating,” Vivienne points out. “A few weeks later, he came home late. I gave him all this trouble since we were supposed to meet earlier for dinner and I was starving and I was complaining that I didn’t want to eat out anymore because I didn’t want to drive in the pouring rain.” “How bad did I feel when he took out the T-shirt from the dumpling place! He was late because he had walked all the way from work to the restaurant in the storm just to get it for me! Yeah, I felt like an idiot,” she says.

Post-It Notes and Memories

Annmarie Kennedy’s boyfriend (now ex), who was a co-worker, used to leave Post It notes hidden on her desk, in her day planner, in her purse. So I would be at work and stressing, of course, and then all of a sudden I’d see a cute note that said ‘I love you this much’ or something cute like ‘Right now I’m thinking about you.'”
 The same boyfriend would also hide Annmarie’s favorite candy in her desk drawer. And once, he even made her a CD filled with the songs that reminded him of her. He was super-thoughtful, as you can see. “He also gave me a photo album that said, ‘These pages are to be filled with memories of us,’ and “Making Memories of Us” by Keith Urban was one of the songs on the CD that he made for me.” 
 “I could go on forever,” says Annmarie. Just one question: Why is he an ex?

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