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Judging men by sunglasses

I was at the mall today shopping and I befriended a woman who works at the Sunglass Hut. She revealed to me that you can tell a lot about a man by the type of sunglasses he wears. I challenged her assumption – I picked out a handful of shades and asked her what type of guy bears the style. Would he be good boyfriend material? Would he be shady? Here are her thoughts.

Man Wearing Sunglasses
Brown Donna Karans

Brown Donna KaransThe man who wears Donna Karan in brown plastic makes for one great dating specimen, says the Sunglass Hut extraordinaire. Men who make this sunglass purchase know good style and appreciate quality. Said relationship guy doesn’t over-do it, either. He seeks out good girls, won’t be afraid of commitment when it presents itself, yet remains fun and carefree.

Ray Ban Aviators

Ray Ban AviatorsNow this guy is the polar opposite, says the sunglass expert. The guy who wears Ray Ban aviators might be sizzling hot, but he is one shady dater — he’s trouble. The main problem is he knows how hot he is (even you can’t resist) and uses that power to his full advantage. He sports aviators, knowing he’s Mr. Cool, and selfishly does what he wants, which could include cheating on you despite your exclusive status.

Anything Ralph Lauren

Ralph LaurenThen, I had to ask about the man who wears Ralph Lauren shades (shhh, it’s what my boyfriend sports). She said he who wears Ralph Lauren is a practical guy. He doesn’t like to splurge on a brand name perse, but will spend the mullah if it means he’s getting quality and longevity. His classic shades will last him long and will go with virtually every outfit in his wardrobe. He’s the type of guy who brings logic in every decision, including the woman he gives his heart to. (Whew!)

White Plastic D&G

White Plastic D&G“Don’t even get me started on this guy,” the Sunglass Hut salesclerk says (while having a chuckle frenzy). Apparently the man (or should we say “boy” rather) buys these pricy shades to show off. He wants people to see that he can afford a brand like Dolce & Gabbana so he purchases the loudest statement possible. “Please don’t this man, ladies,” she advises. If you do, you’ll likely be his arm candy until he moves onto the next latest cheesy trend.


Oakley'sMen who wear Oakley’s are likely in their 40s or 50s. They probably ride a bike as a hobby, frequent Home Depot, and have teen-age kids who crack on their sunglass choice, she deciphers. You can’t help but think their sunglass pick is endearing because, well, they think the style and brand is cool. He’s missing the mark a little bit when it comes to hot style, but at least you’ll know if he’s your beau, he’ll try really hard to please you. You might just have to give him a little more direction to get it just right though.

Rimless Gucci

Rimless GucciAs for the man who wears rimless Gucci — he sure can dress, can’t he? In fact, he looks so fabulous, he’s got you beat in the style department. Just one question: Are you sure you’re his type? The man who wears rimless Gucci sunglasses might be playing for the other team, so be careful there. Before jumping into a relationship with this fashionable fella, make sure he’s into you physically and not only your fashion sense.

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