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Unique first date ideas

What do a cup of coffee, a good meal, and a movie have in common? They commonly occur during first dates. Yawn! I don’t know about you, but if I have to go on another boring dinner date or meet another stranger for a cup of coffee, I’ll opt for a lifetime as an old maid. It’s easy to do such banal things when you’re first getting to know someone, but that routine can quickly get old. I need some fire. I want some excitement. I’d love to try something different.

Couple with Dog

For your next first date (or any date for that matter), I propose that you try something offbeat. Instead of coffee, a meal and a movie, tell your date you’d like some dogs, a trip or a hot air balloon. Read on for five unique first-date ideas!

5 unique first date ideas

Must love dogs

One of the coolest first dates I’ve ever gone on was with a guy I wasn’t too fond of. The allure of the day: Animals. Said man knew how much I love cats and dogs, so he decided to take me to an animal shelter. There we played with the kittens, pet the dogs, and even fed those who were hungry.

Although things didn’t work out with my so-so date, I will always remember. If you and your date are animal lovers, visit a local animal shelter to volunteer your time — or, if they don’t need volunteers, just imagine you’re on the market for a new pet.

Balloon splurge

If you’re fairly certain that your date-to-be is normal (on second thought, actually above average), suggest a hot air balloon ride. Sure it’s dating on the steep side, but if he’s as cool as you assume, the day will go down on the books as one of your best ever. Imagine telling your children that the first time you hung out with their dad was thousands of feet up in the air with a glass of wine and a lot of romance!

Do-gooders club

You can also try to get to know your new crush while doing some good in your community. Volunteering at a homeless shelter, for instance, would make for a great date. Not only will you see this humanitarian (just your type!) in action, you’ll be giving back to society in the process.

Alternatively — and with red being the color of love and all — why not go give blood together? You can each support the other through your needle-phobia, and hopefully the conversation will flow, too. Find out where to donate at or at the AABB site.

Open House!

The best part is, if he doesn’t turn out to be your dream man and there’s no second date in your future, at least you had a productive day.

Real-estate fun

A friend and I once thought: How cool would it be to house- or apartment-hunt just for fun… and what if you did that for a first date? You can learn a lot about a person by their preferred style of home and what details he notices or admires. For instance: Is he contemporary Italian, or more old-fashioned ranch? Does he prefer the chi-chi concrete kitchen countertops, or is he a no-frills formica kind of guy?

Although you’re only on a first date, a session (albeit a fake one) in realty will be the perfect indication of your future reality together as a couple should things progress.

To cause the minimum of hassle to anyone else — meaning Realtors, homeowners and/or tenants — plan your date for early Sunday afternoon, and visit only open houses.

Ride to nowhere

Boarding a train usually resolves in a desired destination. For your first date with that mega hunk, how about a train ride to nowhere? Sit for a couple of hours on public transportation with your crush and have a meaningful chat as you gaze at the city rolling by.

It sounds weird – I know – but you might find this to be the best train ride of your life. You’ll be forced to create conversation – no muss, no fuss – because there’s not a cup of coffee in front of you or a plate of food to mess with. All you can rely on are your social skills. If he’s not cutting it, get off at the next stop and try to find your next date there. Date ideas for any occasian

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